which ebook should I get?

Im a 21 year old rugby and I’m looking to improve my speed. I’ve been spending all my time doing weights using a westside barbell split, but now I want to incorporate speed training to it. I’ve heard about a few coaches who use Charlies methods with WSB and was wondering which ebook would most help me get a basic outline of Charlies methods so I could do this? Any advice would be much appreciated
All the best

Easy question. For E-Books, start out with Training For Speed: the Charlie Francis Training System (CFTS) some people would advise you to get Speed Trap first which would also be a good choice, but you can’t go wrong with both. They would be worth every penny too.

Second that. CTFS is your best bet if you are into rubgy.

Thanks guys much appreciated! I’ll order CFTS as soon as possible!

If you’ve got a bit more bling to spend then I’d get the GPP dvd. It shows you so much more than a book could offer. But, the book is a good starting point.