which do you think is better?

Im about to go into xc season and i have a plan laid out so i wont lose much speed during the season. I have been doinging Joe Defranco’s WSSB routine and i was wondering which would be better for me.

Chad Waterbury’s Strength-Focused Mesocycle


or Joe Defraonco’s WSSB


Oh yeah im 16 i have 2 years of xc-indoor-outdoor under my belt, 6’1, 165lbs, prs:
200m: 23.5
400m: 53.5
800m: 1:59.8
1600m: 4:29.6

squat: 285


First off, if speed is your focus, then I would advise you to bag cross country all together. As this will hinder your speed development.

Alternatively, if you desire to excel at cross country than, in my opinion, neither Waterbury’s or Defranco’s workouts would be optimal.

The main function/advantage of max or relative strength development, for cross country, would be in handling the hills, speed endurance, and sprint to the finish.

Any addition of muscle mass, or bodymass in general, would be likely to hinder your times.

As a middle distance runner, your best bet is to utilize strength training methods which serve to increase your relative strength and strength endurance levels.


So how would i go about doing this? Im doing a modified xc program thats really a gpp for middle distance.

Illustrate exactly what it is that you are currently doing, not what you are thinking about or plan on doing, but what you are currently doing.

This should include strength training and running workouts


165? That is ten pounds heavier than my guy who runs a 50.6 400 and is adding more aerobic base to his program. In fact he could not complete a XC race frosh year from the lack of fitness from football. he has taken a minute of his 5k and hasn’t started XC yet from just tempo miles.

He is 152 and is 6’1" and is aiming for 1:53 next year in the 800m. I suggest working on other lifts besides those…perhaps no lifts at all and just using various strength means like medballs and plyos.