where to begin and what to buy?

48, male, never have done track. but i’d like to perhaps try some masters events.

don’t know where to begin. i have no idea regarding training concepts. would the ebooks master set be a good product to start learning a bit?

and while i get up to speed on reading, could someone perhaps give me a simple training routine that is not too aggressive? looking for 200m and 100m as a goal.

presently i weight train:
squat 5 x 5
bench 5 x 5
rows 5 x 5

squat light 4 x 5
overhead press 4 x 5
deadlift 5 x 5

squat 5 x 5
bench 5 x 5
row 5 x 5

specifically, i’d like some info on what weight training exercises are deemed best for sprint training. and, i’m hoping for some information on how to incorporate some running into the above, i.e. what days, before or after weight training.

thanks for any help. i have alot to learn.

I’d suggest inside the GPP since what you will need to avoid getting injured as you start is general physical preparation.

For anyone new to the site I recommend CFTS (the Charlie Francis Training System), Lyles pick
above is also a great choice but Cfts will introduce you to common concepts and understandings discussed here as it’s ‘the program’.

Hope this helps

Agreed with lylemcd, GPP is probably the best place to start. Just remember that the workouts shown or layed out are templates that you should modify to your own level.

ah, rupert, you must be the guy that responded to my email. i download the training system, and will take a gander at it in the next few days…

i didn’t see inside gpp…i’ll have to look in the store one more time.

While I agree entirely that CFTS is the best introduction to Charlie’s methods, I dont think it will give the OP the information he needs to really get started on a practical level. Esp since a lot of the workouts taht were listed seemed to be for Charlie’s more advanced guys

That’s where I think GPP will benefit him the most, by showing him drills, exercises, progressions to start getting into shape to be able to sprint in the first place. As much from a technical as a conditioning point of view.

Learning good sprint mechanics out of the gate will do as much for him in the long-run as anything else. And that’s hard to pick up from any book.


i was just introduced to cfts this fall by a friend and one thing that really helped me understand the whole system was a review of a seminar that cf held -> http://www.sherdog.net/forums/f13/charlie-francis-755927/ although it doesnt give any examples of a workout routine, it helped me understand why the training works and stuff


Where are you located? Are their any masters track athletes running in a group near you? It’s pretty tough to slug it out on your own. If you can find a few people to work with, you will learn faster and enjoy it more.


thanks for the responses, folks, much appreciated.

i am not aware of any clubs nearby…the nearest is a group called mass velocity, but that’s 90 minutes away. i have sniffed around a website called masterstrack.com, and hopefully it will help me out a bit.

in the meantime, i guess i will “slog” it out on my own for a bit.

if someone could suggest a simple and not too aggressive running schedule to work into my weight training, that would be great.