Where do you get your supplements?

I live in Vancouver, Canada and I’ve found that it’s alot faster to order my stuff from Canadian companies online. Here are some of the companies I’ve purchased stuff from…

Here’s my favorite for vitamins & minerals:


This stuff is always at my door within 2 days of ordering it. It’s a good company with low prices. The company is based in Victoria, BC, Canada so it’s a short delivery. I don’t know how long it would take to get to the east coast or the US, but the shipping is probably quick & reliable.

Here’s my favorite US company:


They have EVERYTHING. I normally get efa’s, BCAA’s and other aminos from here. They are a very good company. The only problem is the shipping charges are fairly steep and it will normally take about 3 weeks for the stuff to arrive at my door. If you live in the US it says it takes 2-5 days for the stuff to be delivered and obviously shipping would be cheaper. So depending on where you live, your preferences may change.

Other Canadian Companies:


These companies are ok. They don’t have a big selection and the deals aren’t that great. The shipping is fairly cheap and quick(less than 5 days) so these are viable options for protein powder and other supps.

I only order Biotest. I had heard that they have new shipping that helps shipping into Canada. I can’t confirm this, personally. I get free shipping and my order arrives in 2 days.

some of there stuff is overpriced.


And I have ways around gettings things through customs without export prices.

Like what? The ZMA for ten bucks. It’s a question of quality. They have the BEST STUFF out there. A lot of people order from companies that have no background and are pure marketing hype. Biotest brings results. Surge is the best stuff on the market in my opinion. Anyhow, it’s not my business who anybody here buys supplements from.

Like BCAA and BetaAlanine.

Their BCAA and Beta7 formulave have been discussed at t-nation extensively (regarding price). In my opinion, the only people who can produce bcaa’s and beta alanine better are those that specialize in mass production of these supplements. Berardi has some recommendations I like, but I still stick with Biotest for consistency. When I have to recommend supplements to athletes as well, it’s nice to be able to be consistent. Expensive, yes. High quality, absolutely.

just have to look around there are other high quality products that are cheaper.

I think their prices are much lower now that they sell on-line (I think only).

You are correct, Charlie. All of their supplements are factory-direct online. No middle man.

The problem I have with biotest is that they routinely hype up and overprice newer stuff like beta-alanine and the bcaa supplement. There are others who have just as high of quality and don’t force feed crap down people’s throats and do it all at a lower price. Their fish oil supp is the exact same way. Look up NOW brand and you can find something of about the same quality for a dramatically lower price since they don’t spend most of their funds advertising the hell out of themselves.

On that note, Biotest is not necessarily bad, just overpriced.

Do you have a PO box in the US?

my brother does, so i send everything there

www.saveonsupplements.com is sometimes cheaper than bodybuilding.com

Pretty much get most of my stuff from Biotest over at t-nation.com. The bill can get pretty pricey though. Multi and Fish oil I get from costco (kirkland), you can get a 2 years supply for ~12 dollars.

Only things I have been using on a consistent basis latley has been the whey concentrate powder, ZMA, creatine mono, and surge. There are probably cheaper options out there, but I like the quality of the the supps from them.

Online and at Walmart. Walmart has stuff like Farenheit, HotRox, Spike…maybe some others.

Plus since everyone complains that supplements taste icky, Biotest has good flavoring in general which is a HUGE plus for some.

The Wal-Mart stuff is not the same in potency. They don’t just make it cheaper for Wal-Mart for no reason. Check the label carefully and compare for best value.

didnt know that, learn something everyday.

You mean I’m getting less than the following voodoo ingredient amounts from t-nation.com lol :rolleyes: ? They always say “check the label” to be safe. What the hell is any of this stuff?

HOT-ROX Extreme™ Formula 500 mg *
A7-E™ Super-Thermogenic Gel™ XXX500 [lauroyl macrogol-32 glycerides, p-methylcarbonylethylphenol, 3,17-dihydroxy-delta-5-etiocholane-7-one diethylcarbonate, Carbolin™ 19 (forskolin 1,9-carbonate), piperine, yohimbine HCl], caffeine