Where do you get your supplements?

It’s for protection of their unique formulas from other bogus supplement companies. To keep it simple, plain HOT-ROX at Wal-Mart would be 700 mg, and HOT-ROX at t-nation would be around 900mg. And you typically get fewer capsules at Wal-Mart (72 capsules for around $30 compared with 136 for $50 from t-nation). Not sure how closely you guys pay attention to the supplement industry, but there are a lot of rip-off products that just try to sell based off another company’s success.

ummmm 200mg difference, not sure how much of a difference that would make. my friend girlfriend love the walmart stuff and it seem to work for her - wish i could post a pic.

Ah, yes, but often it’s not about how well something worked but how much better it could have. Time is money in this biz. Essentially, if someone improves then they’re moving forward. 200mg in the long run (assuming a 4-6 week cycle, and assuming use everday) totals to a 6000 to 9000 mg difference. Imagine a calorie adjustment like that, eating that many more or less calories could make or break a training program.

my friend, results are results no matter how big or small they could have been. im sure the extra 200mg times by any number of days wouldnt make the difference in a person losing 10lbs, its the other things - remember they are only supp.

Then why take them at all? This concept is maximum capacity. If you’re going to work at something, why not work at 100%? Same goes for training: if you’re working 3 reps at 85% why not 90% if it will accelerate your progress. If you missed my comment on improvement then you missed it. No bother.

ok no problem, but let me say this i hate when these personal trainers that work at gyms try and force these supp onto there clients just to make there job easier, what happen to just plain old fashion hardwork.

We are talking different sides of the same coin. You are saying hard work did it and the supplement helped nominally, and I am saying maximize the process (hard work, supplements, and all). I have no idea how hard your friend worked, I was merely commenting on the 200 mg’s (which is obviously a point in redundancy; by the way, I work in the redundant deparment of redundancy). It’s the same argument, I could very well be arguing your point in a different thread (and I’m sure I have at some point on this forum :slight_smile: ). But by the way, anything that makes my job easier, I am for!

I dont think higher potency is always the key, you really cant deduce more is better here. Read most creatine containers saying that the recommended dosage is 5g, well you could take that, but is it necessarily the best, I have read on here, and also believe that around 3g per day is the best for my individual case, well so what would taking the extra 2g grams give you, maybe not results.

The same can be true for other supplements as well, most isnt always better, you have to find a proper dosage not just a high dosage, how to do this well thats splitting hairs sometimes.

Good point. But if you were charged more for less would you take offense? That’s my main point. If you were being charged for 4 and given 3, and someone else was charged for 3 and given 3 wouldn’t you be a bit upset?

very good point bc my friend gf was only taking half the amount that the walmart brand recommend and she did kelly b cardio program and with two heavy strength training sessions.

"For the first segment of the cardio, you’ll warm-up for 3-5 minutes and then do 10 minutes of HARD intervals such as 1 minute sprint and 1 minute easy for 10 minutes of total intervals.

Next, rest 5 minutes, recover, and drink some water.

Next, do at least 30 minutes or “normal” cardio at a moderate intensity (below lactate threshold but decent intensity)".

I definately see where your coming from, I was just adding that sometimes potency isnt the only thing to consider.

Getting back to where people order or get there supplements from, how many order from t-nation. If you have have you been satisfied with the products. Ive always ordered my stuff from bodybuiling.com but have always thought about t-nation. In particular Surge, Whey protein and ZMA, what are others thoughts on these products from this site.

Feedback would be great.

If money isn’t an issue for you, than I would suggest you go there. Surge may get a bit pricey, but then again if you are only using it on your HI days or toughest workout days of the week, then you’re looking at 2, maybe 3 servings per week, giving you almost a full month for ~25 dollars. Can’t beat the price of ZMA @ 9.00/bottle. They whey is pretty good stuff too. Just my opinion.

I order from those 2 places also. I like T-Nation’s Metabolic Drive. I think you could make an imitation Surge for cheaper if you just use raw ingredients (normal hydrolyzed whey doesn’t really taste THAT bad especially if you use flavoring). Same with PowerDrive. You could just get the raw ingredients for cheaper. I will say that Surge and PowerDrive aren’t what I would call “expensive” compared to similar products. I have used Spike also but I feel there are better alternatives (Bodyquick, tyrosine, alcar, etc).

I get my ZMA from Bodybuilding.com usually (NOW ZMA) also $9. I have used T-Nations ZMA which is good also.

T-nation does have free shipping if you order $150+

Yes, I always order for $150+ and get free shipping (you just have to save and then order if you’re on a budget). Can’t beat surge, especially now that’s it 5 bucks more and 60% more servings. I do prefer SNAC’s Vitalyze over Power Drive. Power Drive sucks for flavor so Vitalyze is easier going down for me. As I stated earlier, Biotest (t-nation) always gets my order to me in 2 days so if I order on a friday I get it monday morning. I couldn’t be happier with that.

Thanks for the replies guys.

Now about multivitamins. I know there is nothing better than a good diet, but im looking for a good absorbing multivitamin to top off my needs. Suggestions

SuperNutrition Opti-Pak. $30 for 90 paks. You’re supposed to take 3 paks per day but to save money I sometimes take just 1.

AOR has some pretty good stuff. Check the Multi-basics 3 and the Ortho-core. I think both are available at the vitamin shop.


Supplements largely don’t work as advertised.
Which supplements produce significant, consistent, quantifiable results over and over?


You have to look at the bottom line…Creatine does this that and everthing else, but are you running any faster.

You get more out of altering your training program to optimize recovery, enhancing recovery, competing regularly, finding a good coach, massage, fulltime training, using a Isorobic Exercisor, and a weightvest, independently, than any combonation of supplements.

Were not talking about supplements as if there going to be the only thing in our diet. Some supplements are used as a means to help recovery which enhances our training. Take a multivitamin it ensures we get all of our proper nutrients for the day. Sometimes when were lacking in those nutrients we cant even train very well. Some people overlook the fact that our body demands a lot of nutrients especially in such high intensity work and sometimes our diet however how good it is dont meet those demands.