Where can I buy a "beeper" watch?

I have read somewhere of some people using “beeper” watches, that beep on pre-set interval times, and was interesting where online I could get one. Does anyone here know of a quality watch that does that?

Also, on another note, Clyde Hart is said to use these watches. The question I have on him is, that I would like to get an up to date training program he uses. I know there is one out there, but its from the 1970s. Any information on what he is doing now, or close to now?

Most Nike Triax watches do this.

But do they do it to the tenth of a second? That is the kind I’m looking for. Also, I’m looking for one that I can put a nice amount of “beep points” in it. Would the Nike Triaz still fit these categories?

I searched over them once, but didn’t really see anything about that.

they do dont worry.

they do dont worry.

I meant can Nike Triax watches set time interval’s to tenth of seconds, not does it read to the tenth. I actually heard from someone else they don’t. I’m not sure though. If that is what you meant, please just say so. Just want to make sure I am clear on what “they do” means :slight_smile: .

hmmm now that im unsure of …ill have to check up on it…

I’ve heard from people that have it that it doesn’t, but maybe there is a nike one that does. Say anything if you find something otherwise.

I’ve checked up the interval function:you can set 5 intervals in SECS, MINS and HOURS! No tenth of seconds, same thing for pacing function in run/chrono mode!

How about just adjusting where you do your split? For example, if you are trying to go through 200m at 24.5, set-up a cone or marker at ~195-197m and have the time interval be 24 seconds instead or have a marker @ 203-205m and have the time interval at 25 instead of 24.5.

That is good alternative idea Davan. I may try it if I can’t find what I’m looking for.