When Track used to be great in the US

I’ve found this article…and many more.


What is missing to get back to those days? ( in europe also…is not the same as in the 80s)

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It wasn’t so great in the US after the 70s when title 9 came in and cancelled so many men’s track scholarships (considered non revenue programs vs football and basketball) towards womens field hockey etc.

But is that true that , at least at High school level, that track is very much on the rise and many colleges reactivated track scholarships?

Yea, I know what you mean. Although I was just a kid in the 80’s you can tell it was a difference. However, certain states like California have always had a rich history in supporting and keeping the sport alive which is why they run say, 20.8 vs 22.1 in other states finals.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwNHjPqqJmc&feature=related (CIF California State Meet 1995 Boys 200)

Just look at the crowd, that alone should tell you something, I remember my state meet in PA, it had just a hand full of people.

State meet in PA have a handful of people? Place is packed on Saturdays unless it’s a typhoon. A beautiful site. FAR more alive than something like the Big10 championships.

What are you talking about? I competed in the PA state meet just 4 years ago and my mom showed up over an hour before the first event of the meet and barely got a good seat. The majority of my team that was there (including coaches) had to stand for my races.

agreed PA state meet is always packed! We used to not even go to school thursday so that we could try and get a good tent spot!