When to do weights when sprinting is the highest priority

This past season I have trained every Tuesday and Thursday morning before work with my coach.
My focus is always to be able to give 100% to the sprint sessions on the track days. I am really happy with the results I have acheived.
I want to compliment my track sessions with increased strength and power from a more effective resistance program.
To keep things simple and practical for me I have pretty much narrowed my weights routine down to the following excercises which I know I can perform competently:

  1. Power Cleans from hang / ground
  2. Snatch from hang
  3. Push press
  4. Squats
  5. Stiff leg deadlifts
  6. Incline bench
  7. Chins

Given that the CNS can take up to 48 hours to recover, how can I split the weight sessions up during the week to ensure that I am fresh for the sprint sessions and getting the most benefit from the weights? I can’t do weights after the track session because I have to go to work.

I also wanted to introduce plyometrics once a week but have no idea when to do them. Any ideas?


I’m in a similar boat.

What do you do the other days, especially the weekend. Could and probably could another speed session on the weekend and throw in a heavier weights session after track.

Other than that the weights can be done on other days but at alower intensity. If this is done add an extra recovery session in. 72 hours between hard sessions not 48.

Anyone else?

For a better response, can you give us a list on what days you do which lifts? About plyos, you want to incorporate those slowly, sticking with quality exercises where you dont have to do so many to get the results. You can do these prior to the sprint workout to heighten CNS awareness.

Originally posted by dlive11
For a better response, can you give us a list on what days you do which lifts?

I try to split it up between power exercises (Power Cleans, Snatch, Push press) on one day and the strength exercises (Squats, Stiff leg deadlifts, Incline bench, Chins) on another day but I get so sore from going heavy on this day. I want to fit 4 quality workouts into a week but can’t get the timing right.

Post a typical training week.

4 CNS days is too much, 3 is most likely. Could look at trying a longer training week. 14 days instead of 7.

You may want to consider splitting up the power lifts into seperate days. That is a extremely high load of CNS work if you are sprinting and performing cleans and snatches all in one day. To get more results from these lifts, split them up by 2-3 days in between only doing one of them a session. This is just my opinion, but I like to do the pressing exercises on tempo days (push press) and pulls on speed days. Whatever method you choose, I do think that splitting up the lifts will allow for better CNS recovery as well as recruitment.

Alternate Cleans and Snatches between power sessions. Do the same with squats and deadlifts.

Narrow the exercise pool still further: Drop SLDLs, bench, and chins.

Clean in preparatory/transition period snatch during competition period.

Use lower reps on the squats (3s).

Do med ball throws (low vol) pre track.

We’ve touched on this elsewhere. When dropping load, you may want to increase specificity a ways out- or you may want to do the opposite and rely on the stimulus provided by the lifts to stimulate the sprinting a few days later by general means. If you were close to a peak, I’d choose the bench as the last stimulus before the main competition, precisely because is ISN’T specific (won’t fatigue the muscles you’ll need).