when is a false start a false start? Example Ben Johnson --> Charlie


i posted some vids of Ben’s awesome start.

Chrlie, i remember you saying in Speed Trap that there were sometimes probs with it and i think that you said sth like this in its meaning:

“Ben was called for false but didnt do. It just optically seems so because of his arms”

He was lifting his arms strongly and early as we know. Am i (partly) right to remember?

The electronic detecor is at the rear foot in the blocks.

So: Is a false start any movement, or just when your rear foot moves?
I think it should be any, or? (by the way: whats the first part of the body that moves after the arms in terms of pressure on the block? Could it not be a front foot? )

Often, because he’d get to the front so fast, he’d get called initially for someone else’s break till they checked the lane sensors


but he wasnt lifting his arms before the false starter gave pressure on the block, or?