whats up with jarret payton

i dont understand why hes not good enough to play in the NFL.

he is 6’ 220 4.3, and still cant play, he doesnt even start in the nflel league.he should be extremely powerful. and at miami he didnt start

and one thing for sure his runnning style aint nothing like his dads. his dad was way way smaller than he was. and jarret is taller for some reason.

First of all, I dont think he’s a 4.3 runner. If you’ve seen him play in a game, he definetly does not look like he has the speed of a 4.3 guy. Also, he didnt start at Miami cuz there was a guy there named Frank Gore, who’s pretty damn good. Personally, I didnt think he looked like NFL material, but that’s just me.

He’s definetly not a 4.3 runner.

Payton is not near that fast, I’d say about 4.6 is more accurate. He doesn’t have the football skills to be a player. He has the necessary physical skills but he just doesn’t have great football skills, that’s why he probably will never make it, he’s just riding his name.

i heard 4.3 on the sportcentury episode of Walter payton. watch it next time it comes on espn classics

That was high school. Bogus times are typical out of h.s. Plus he put on weight at the U.

At a weight of 220, his hand times at the combine were all in the 4.60-4.62 range. Even if he did run a 4.3, if you can’t play football, that 4.3 isn’t going to do you a lot of good.

Payton, Jarrett Miami (Fla.) 6-0 1/8 220 4.60 31" 9’7"

these are his official combine results

I wonder if they call him unsweetness :smiley: just kidding…Speedkiils you wrote how all of the hs times are bs, did you see defrancos site, he had some kid run a 4.29 40 in HS , that is fast man! http://www.defrancostraining.com/ask_joe/ask_joe.htm


Reality check. FAT + .4 seconds = Hand time

I think that he does not have the motivation. I was eating at the Fridays accross the street from the “U” one day his Sr. year and he was sitting beside me talking to a girl about how hard it is to play in the NFL at the running back position. He was only talking about the negative, the average back only has 3 good years and all of the pain that you go through ect. I was thinking wow, we all know the difficulties, but what about the possiblities.

I think he psyched himself out already. It is a shame because he is really a good guy, always polite and freindly.

I didn’t say all were. But I did say typically they’re bs. I do believe that there are some very fast high schoolers that when they’re still in high school run faster because they don’t have the extra mass (especially sloppy mass) is necessary to be successful in college football. The fastest I’ve ever had a kid is 4.44.

That’s funny, delldell. Do you recognize the rest of the names on that list? :smiley:

well, youre lucky to actually see him

he has never run a 4.3 forty; mid 4.5’s at best

what will distinguish the bs ones from the non-bs ones?

when they show up on campus and can’t compete. But honestly, not a lot. You can compare it to kids who test (through cheating or some other method) well on the SAT and get into a good school but just can’t compete academically with the demands. Testing (or cheating) above their own level.

wait a second, did yall see him in the nflel game against frankfurt.

he had some pretty good power.

i believe that he is really good its just that they dont give him the ball that much.

he has had good stats for the times he has gotten the ball

go check out his stats

But you’re talking about NFL Europe, not the NFL.

yes, but he does have some skill that i misjudged