whats up with jarret payton

What is FAT? In college we ran with a low lazer type thing at the start line and a higher lazer at the finish.
I took some guys to a HS combine last week and they had them start with the hand on the tape. Time started when the hand left. The people running the combine told them to subract .2 for their equivalent hand time.
Which one of these methods is FAT? How much should you really subract to have an accurate hand time?

You must be carefull when adding or subtracting to a forty time as the size of the athlete and surface play alarge part in the conversion time

OK, thanks. I’m still wondering what method is used for FAT, 2 lazers or the “tape” and a lazer? Does it matter? Geez, I’m not sure I know how to spell lazer.

k, How many of yall think Jarret can play in the NFL

I’d be surprised if he’d ever be a back up let alone a starter. I’m sure he could become a 3rd string based on name alone but he just doesn’t have the talent.

well, right now jarret payton is on his way to the world bowl in nfl europe.

i just hope he does enought to impress NFL coaches