what's the limit

AND 0 reaction time for the timer! Timers have to react to first movement (at least the same amount as a top sprinter and probably more) but almost always anticipate the finish as the athletes approaches the finish.

10,20,30,40 yards are electronic timing Charlie. Still those make the times faster not the sprinters faster. I think Mortac is right.

Charlie, Do you think someone can go faster than 4.24?

too bad there is no 40yard dash at golden league meets. there is no point in being a 40 yard dasher, so what is proposed about dropping the decue and special endurance, it’ll never ever happen.


I propose making a subtopic feature on this site so someone can understand what is being talked about at the end of the thread.

Obviously there is no 40 yd dash in major meets, I’m sure bengay didnt think there was and if there was there would be no point to this thread because we would know what all the good sprinters run.

And there is a big point to being able to run the 40yd (football), probably more so in terms of money than any of the track events. I have seen people offered full rides to major schools on a handtimed 40 and nothing else. As well as people dropping the draft on just that, so if you dont think there are people out there just training for the 40 your wrong, there is probably more so then any track event. Thats why there are hundreds if not thousands of rip off 40 and vert programs.

Back to the point of the original post, my answer maybe, just maybe if thats what they focused on and it was from first reaction electronic, definately if it is hand timed, most likely not if reaction time is included. I think that might just sum it up.

I think you are going a bit far if you think more people train for the 40 than any track event–I take it you haven’t been outside of the US?

Also, most people who get into colleges because of good combine numbers do not get it just because of a 40–it’s also the vert, bench press, their physical development, and more. If you could point out someone given a full scholarship to a major university just because of their HT 40, I would be interested because even most prospects do well in others tests and have at least some good film to show.

Being drafted also doesn’t guarantee you a spot in the NFL. If you’re good enough, a lot of teams won’t even care if you don’t do a test (like Leinert and Vince, who did the tests they were best at). It’s the people who aren’t likely to even make the roster that will move up positions (or drop down positions).


I was speaking mostly monitarily wise, your right outside the U.S. I am sure track is more so a factor than football, but on the combine numbers being the only thing schools look at I wouldnt be that sure.

I met and saw a kid at Notre Dame get a full scholarship on the spot after he ran the 40 and when I was talking to thim he said he didnt have 10 catches his senior year because they didnt throw. He had a 36 vert, but wasnt really built and an average bench, I forget his name so that looks bad, he said he just went to camps all summer because no one had heard of him before it.

If you want names I will pm them to you because they are people I know personally and would not wish to offend them, I know 5 kids personally who went major D1 from my conference and I know 3 of them had nothing more than speed, no real strength and only one of them had numbers to show with the speed.

I can agree with Pope on this one-- Not mentioning names, but I know of 2 examples of this. One- a DB that has a handtimed 40 of 4.28, 38 Vert, Great strength in the weight room, etc… Has 2 full ride offers before the season even started yet.

The other- a WR who has yet to even play one season of football for us (played 2 seasons of basketball; had to leave the b-ball team 2nd season halfway through for various reasons). Is already getting tons of interest, calls, and mail from his vert and 40 time alone-- 4.34 handtimed 40 and 41 inch vertical jump.

Colleges are very big on these two numbers more than anything I believe. If you have the speed and explosiveness they are looking for, it’s going to help out a helluva lot more with getting looks than say a guy with a mediocre 40 and decent vert.

check out this link. he is a 6.76 60m sprinter with his strong points being his start. didnt have much of a D-II football career, but ran a good 40 and he got picked up by the CFL. saw him run too, GREAT start. in this case good 40=good money.

4.22! That’s faster than Ben!

More like 4.3 high?

yeah i dont think anybody is faster threw 40 yards than ben, or possibly any distance up to 100 for that matter. i am assuming that the testing was done with the usual combine protocol, which is someone starts the timer on first movement. 4.3 high sounds about right.

I think he could of taken down Wilson in the 800. I mean he runs 9.79 in the 100 so comeing through 200 in 22 should be easy then through 400 in 45high won’t be much harder and all he has to do after that is run 55 flat for the second lap and i mean come on thats a jog for him.

sorry for the dyestat high school T&F message board humor but back to the orginal post. This guy you say he was a 6.76 60m guy, thats fast, and it just shows that speed is a rare and valued trait in pretty much any sport.