what's the limit

what is the fastest electronic time a sprinter can go in the 40y dash. I read 4.05-4.08. Is this right?

Do a Google search for ben johnson 40 yard dash. They say he ran 4.38 in Seoul. Take out reaction time and he would run like 4.25.

So I’d say it’s a safe bet that no one can run under 4.2 with a touchpad start and electronic finish…unless they are running it downhill or in a hurricane.

mark macoy ran 3.65 and ive heard of a few running low 3.6. hell dante stalworth ran 4.0 and he a football player.

Yea hand time. Hell I can run 3.65 if my grandmother times me.

I believe Maurice’s 30m split during his 6.39 runs were around 3.81?? Either way thats less than 33yds, 3.65 is a bit of a reach dont ya think?

There is a thread talked about this in the football section.

But I thought BJ ran a 4.38ET “40m”

naw it was electric

As with most combine times…total BS! Lol!

mark macoy was a hurdler my man.

Main problem w/ combine times is that it is a manual start, leaving for significant error, along with the fact no RT is recorded.

Classic example, a little over 5 years ago I posted 4.54 at my high school combine. A week later I went to Notre Dame camp which had the best hand timing I ever saw and ran 4.93. About 2 hours later the top 5 people from each position (which I made) and I ran against a kid who ran a 3.9 at a combine somewhere in Texas the week before and I beat him. As you can see from the example 40 hand times are about as useful as a random number generator.

they are valid when they are timed properly.

James, you give me the impression of your head is in the Sand! REally, look at the world best times.
electric times
10m, around 1.8- 2.0
20m, around 2.88 - 3.07
30m, around 3.83 - 4.09
40m, around 4.73 - 5.01

these are taken direct from cfts
between ben and a “top 20” world sprinter.
So, unless a 40yard is Shorter than a 30m, nobody could get a 3.65! Damn.
36.36mtrs is seems a 40yard is.
so, 40m time divide by 40 x 36.36
= 4.299 40 yard
and ben was considered THE best starter ever!

james i find what you said to be quite insulting considering you are trying to convince others that as a high scool boy you were running faster than the fastest sprinters ever seen. only truth will prevail sunshine.

wut the hell are u talking about i said mark macoy.

for those of you who have been on the site long enough you will remmeber the home page that use to be up, one section stated some of the achievements of charlies athletes one said 40 yd dash 3.7 seconds. so maybe u should talk to charlie o but maybe hes lying too. your analysis of a 100m doesnt change the fact that mark macoy ran a 3.65 40yd dash.

my appologies, i mean not to under mind in anyway, although ben johnson was the fastest starter ever and ran a 4.38 during his wr of 9.79, a football player running 4.0 over the same distance seems a little over the top.and as for mark mcoy a good athlete none the less but was not the starter that ben was.

Thanks ku2u.

James, please just read the article that Peter M. posted in the football forum:

are u sure about that? mark held something like 4 of the top 6 fastest 60m times as a hurdler.