Whats the lastest word on finding an EMS machine

I have read the old threads on ems and on the compex sport p system but I would like to know if anyone has had any luck recently with finding a cheap ems machine with all the current features. Also how many people in the forumn have used ems. It is interesting to note what Charlie said on this subject.

“My own results have been so favourable that I am not interested in debating whether or not EMS works but rather in optimzing the use of EMS in the training of elite athletes.”


Do you think you can purchase the compex units on ebay did u get my U2U message?


check ebay. a friend of mine just bought a portable ems machine.

i’m not sure, but i will get some url’s for you. check your messages.

check in the back of some popular bodybuilding magazines, they are all over the place. a friend of mine got one for around $350.00 i believe. its a pretty good machine and gets the job done.

can anyone posts any sites or info including brands prices ect?