Whats in your bed

Just wondering what anyone has in there bed (and not in a perverted way)

With everyone knowing the implications of sleep for recovery I was wondering what people used to improve that very thing (recovery). I remember a while back I thing in the old forum that there was talk about magnetic matress covers, I have purchased some of these but have found them wanting for any improvement in sleep pattern or general wellbeing.
I have recently bought a heated under blanket on the theorie of increased bloodflow (heat induced vascular dilation) and can only report possitive things with regard to sleep pattern and wellbeing however I would just like everyones comments on this.

I have been suing breathe strips at night due to a deviated septum. HUGE difference in sleep and recovery…

www.nikken.com is what I use. I love the stuff. I have the pillow, matress, car seat, shoe insoles, neck chain and a few other things. I wouldn’t go without them.

Having sex before bed relieves stress and enhances quality of sleep :smiley:
Breast pillows are the best :wink:

i do i weird thing i have my pillow then i take another pillow and put it on my stomach. it feels sooo good and i seem to get a better sleep.

I actualy never thought about usinf those nazal strips things (there kinda ridiculed here in the uk), but of course breathing is the fundermental thing in recovery by aiding the air intake.

You should really try the heated under blanket, since I started using one my sleep pattern inproved so much (in fact I was sleeping which is more than what I was) also I dont know the “cost” physicaly but when I wake up I am already warmed up and limber so if I was going to do early morning training or just some stretches time is saved, which is the biggest problem when trying to fit all the training in when you have to work or get to lectures.

If anyone knows of any reason why the prolonged heat is in anyway bad could you post it so that I dont do to much damage. I have looked but I cant find anything to suggest of this.

They really make a big difference especially if you have smashed your nose a coupel of times like I have :slight_smile:

It is a tremendous difference for me. I might even try them in a meet. (I dont mind being ridiculed hehe) :wink:

Interesting, what’s the necklace do for ya?

I just sist back and leave my televison on all night, knowone switches it off.

I have been doing this since i was 11years old.

I don’t know why.

My bro does the same exact thing, so he bought a TV with a timer on it, so that if he tends to fall asleep around 1am he will set the tube to turn itself off around 2am, so it doenst have to be on all night. SOmething to think about.

I like to wake up to the TV in the morning, but that idea could help me because one time i left a pron video on all night it was a 6 hour long tape.

I woke up in the morning and it was still on, and the rest of the house was not up yet.

So i did’nt get caught! i was Cool about it.

My door is always closed anyway.

If you use a heat blanket underneath, make sure it’s intended for that purpose and won’t burn your skin or otherwise present a hazzard.

I dont want to sound like too much of a pussy but the blanket really improves my ability to settle down (I have a big problem with being cold-frigging hate it) this them means I have more sleep and deep sleep

My laptop! Saves your back and glutes. Every athlete should have one.

I actually sleep with two duvets (yes, we are a threesome! :smiley: ). I sleep on top of one and obviously have the other on top. This is such a warm and comfortable feeling, being sandwiched between two high tog duvets, that i never have any trouble getting off to sleep. The problem is that i am so comfortable that i never want to get out of bed in the morning.