What's a good way of getting the right measurements in the blocks

I’ve been out of 100m, 200m training for about a year and a half now and i can’t remember how to set up my blocks. Can anyone give me a good way of doing this?
Any advice would be muchly appreciated


When you start out with blocks they usually say to put your blocks one step away from the line. Another step for whichever leg you’ll be leading with and then another step for the other leg.

check this out… comprehensive info on start…


Thanks!!! I really appreciate the info. CharlieFrancis.com has to be the best sprinters resource in the Universe.

theres a few ways… first my hs coach taught up fore arm to figner tips length from the line to you front foot and adjust the back accordingly… or (i like this much better) step and a half to your front block then adjust the rear accordingly. It takes trial and error to figure out what works best for you. Like my left leg is my “strong” but im better out of the blocks with the right one forward. so jsut test out positions and see what makes u feel comfortable

I find that I like to start with my left elg although my right is my dominant leg. I’m more stable and my weight can be forward longer and more effectively.