whats a good 100m for 14 year old

i just wanted to know what is a good time fora 14 year old

mine right now is like a 12.4

that’s real good if you ask me.
-we have high schoolers trying to get to 11.1 to qualify for the state meet in Hawaii.

  • 14yrs is freshman or soph.
    -the majority of runners in our county cant much break 12sec.
    -keep it up; with growth and strength increases you will bring that time down considerably in the coming seasons.

When I was 13 I was in 8th grade and ran 12.6.
At 14 I was a freshman and went 11.7.
Soph yr I went 11.3 and was top 8 in my county. Jr. yr I ran 10.8 and Sr. yr. I went 10.7.
I just gave you those times to show you how you can progress if you work very hard.

*All times are hand time

at age 14 I ran 14.1, at age 15 I did 13.2, 16 I did 11.93, 17 I did 11.12. And I kept improving until I went to last years world indoors. So you could run 14.1 at age 14 and reach world class about 8 years after!

damn you all, i started at 18 so by the time i see improvements i will be an oldman, hehehe

Regarding a good time…just make sure you have a good time training. At 14 the difference in times between your competition means NOTHING! There are too many variables for someone that age to worry about times. Just keep training and learn to listen to your body so you know when things get to be too much. Get into good habits like proper sleep, proper nutrition and proper flexibility etc.

When I was 14 I ran a 12.4, when I was 15 I ran an 11.9, when I was 16 I ran an 11.1, now I’m 17 and definitely faster so keep it up and you should be a force in the future.

Well since we’re all doing it, I ran a gulp 15.1 when I was 14, then last year I got 12.7, and right now (I’m 16), I’m hovering at 11.9. I’d say that 12.4 for 14 is definetly a good time, and you can really knock it down with training,

As I join the club…
at 13 I was 12.8
14 was 12.3
15 was 11.7
16 I didn’t improve
now I’m 17 and my best so far after one meet is 11.51

When I was 13, I only lost one race at a junior high track meet. I won most of the time my 8th grade year as well, so you are doing well. Make sure to live well and just be young, I got too hardcore too early and didn’t improve as much as I’d liked to. Just live life, have fun, and hope that you get faster as time goes on, and if you live a healthy lifestyle, you will.

Anything around 12sec is pretty good at 14. Good points Herb made. Make sure you enjoy the journey too.

one thing to possibly look at is body type. If you are solid and pretty medium proportioned, if you will, chances are you will not change a whole lot but will make steady increases with better training (as opposed to improper training).

If you are skinny and or rather weak, tall, -expect to make larger gains in strength and speed as you develope in size, weight and strength.

THis happened to Joe; he finished middle of the pack his freshman year. After 2 years of rigorous training, some weightlifting, all of a sudden the guys who were previously killing him were left in the dust. They had increased in size just a little; Joe had filled out more and will probably continue to do so.

of course as far as speed in sprinting is concerned, he always had fast twitch speed.

If you’re running 12.4 without spikes and you mean 14 by turning 14 in this year then that’s incredible. My birthday is in february so this is basically how it went.

13 - I ran a 13.5 and came 2nd in my city.
14 - I ran a 13.0 but was hurt and didn’t run track.
15 - I ran an 11.9 or so, my first year with spikes and finished 2nd in the city.

I’m pretty satisfied with my development, between 14 and 15 I dropped to about 12.3 or 12.2 without spikes and that was sitting around the house all year, the only time I went to a track club was when I was 14 and I got hurt there.

i am an endomorph and i gained ridiculoud amounts of strength as for speed i’m waiting to see. I’m surprised the gains i’ve made, i was a weak endomorph with quite abit of bodyfat for an athelete. I still have the same amount of bodyfat 16%…dammit.

this is really inspiring man, thanks.

at 13 i ran 13.8 without spikes, 14 i ran 13.5 without spikes, 12.6 with them, 15 i ran 12.6, 16 i ran 12.3 or 12.6 not sure, 17 i ran 11.6, and im 18 right now. my first meet i came in 4 tenths faster than i did in my first meet last year.

and quik you are a beast.

last years PR’s. When I was a sophmore. I weighed 205-210 lbs
100M: 11.9
200M: 26.9
Javelin: 116’4"
Discus: 92’3"

Now I weigh 220 and I am alot faster now.
Looking to crush all of these because my speed has increased alot and so has my strength.

There is this one kid right now on my old high school track team that is a junior and 17 years old and runs a 6.7 in the 55. The year before that he ran a 6.7 again and an 11.1 in the 100. The year before that he ran a 6.8 and an 11.3. In eigth grade he ran 11.3. He has improved a lot in the 200 though. His freshman year he ran 22.8 and last year he ran 22.1. I’m curious to see how he does outdoors this year in the 200. So as u can see improvement beween athletes varies greatly. I ran 12.9 in eigth grade and my senior year in high school (last year) i ran 10.8. So ur already faster than i was i back then, so don’t give up. Train properly and make sure u keep on readin all the info from this great site.

under 12.5 sec

im in 8th grade and im 14 and never flunked

At age 14 I ran a 13.45s HT 100m
Now At 15, I ran a 11.89 FAT 100m
Determination is the key.
Run like your in first and train like your in second.

When I was 14, I ran a 12.0. At 15, I ran about a 11.8. And now I don’t run track anymore.