What ZMA brands are ok?

If I can’t get SNAC in a store, are there any other brands that are okay? Twinlab? Biotest?

Biotest is SNAC under another label- don’t know about twinlab

Charlie - My Twinlab tub says Snac approved on the side.

Should we still be buying from SNAC with all the controversy swirling around lately?

i’m 100% sure of using twinlab and i’m sure they are looking into this case in fine detail

If SNAC goes down, where will the secret formulas for their supplements go? Will they be given to the highest bidder?

Ditto Duck’s query. All my sprinters are on ZMA thanks to recommendations from this board.

ZMA has nothing to do with the controversy

theres a rumour going around that some batches of ZMA were deliberately contaminated with THG and given to athletes. This was so their performance improved and would spread the word of ZMA being such a good product

Sounds unlikely, and an extremely insane way of marketing a product. After all, just one positive test attributed to the substance, and your company, let alone the product may be finished.

just a rumour i heard, thought it was interesting

I don’t think this is the right board to be discussing rumours of that sort.
Especially if they serve to hurt other members.

sorry, i didnt mean to offend or implicate guilt in anyone, im just repeating what i have heard. I will delete if necessary but im not trying to offend a single person

I know. I just think that the rules on this board makes it far better than any other.

Ok I got it, now I don’t know when to take it. It says take it before you sleep on an empty stomach without calcium. I eat before I sleep and have some milk too, so should I just take it first thing in the morning?

I wouldn’t thiks so as it makes you sleep better. That’s probably its biggest benefit.

ISS Research which has been discussed on the site before (extensively) uses the appropriate amount of ZMA in the pills. EAS is a rip if you look at the serving sizes needed to match SNAC.

Commenting on Duck’s post.

I have read some articles saying that although ZMA is legal the fact that it has anabolic properties, such as increased testosterone levels, could trigger a positive drug test.

Is any of this founded? I’m sure ontheball and many others are worried about this.

Or is this true?

“By supplementing with ZMA, you provide your body with the resources to produce more testosterone naturally. This is different from steroids and even prohormones, which directly increase testosterone levels in your body. ZMA simply allows your body to produce as much testosterone as it needs, without forcing too much testosterone into your system. For this reason, there are no side effects associated with ZMA or the increased levels of testosterone that come about from taking ZMA, and it is safe for both men and women”


Juggies, I’m not an expert on the subject but here’s what I think:

  • first of all, natural testosterone levels vary a great deals between people and between different physical conditions in one and the same athlete. A drug test will test your testosterone levels against your epitestosterone level to see if there is controversy between them. If your natural testosterone levels are high it doesn’t trigger a positive test because it’s an effect on your own natural metabolism.

  • For a mineral supplement (or any other vitamines etc.) to really work, there has to be a some kind of deficit on them in your body and the supplements are there to correct the issue. As a hard training athlete you probably “burn” more Mg and Zn than usually, hence the need for supplements.

  • The hormonal levels in your body are usually “adjusted” during sleep, if ZMA will help you sleep better … it’s all good.

ZMA is not a miracle substance, merely a way (there are more important issues to address than ZMA) to make sure your body doesn’t run into troubles when you train hard.