What would be a good typical work-out week?

Hey sprinters. I just started this sprinting thing about 2 months ago. Here is (for the most part), my weekly schedule:

M - Day off
T - Track work (500s, 300s,200s, etc.)
W - Easy recovery jog (4 - 5 M) in PM; Plyos in AM
R - Hill repeats
F - Easy jog in AM; Legs in PM
Sat - Practice 400M, Race, biking/spinning, or easy run
Sun - Easy run or LONG run (6 M)

I started to do leg lifts, but it seems to mess up my quality work-outs as my body does not have enough time to recover. How often should I do legs? And should I do legs one week, plyos another?


Whats the goal of your workout program?

Sorry, my goal is run a solid 400M time.


I think you will find little benefit in the long runs. If you were to squat etc on the Sudnay morning instead, you should be recovered for your Tuesday track session I would think. You could perhaps combine plyometrics and weights on a Wednesday in a complex lifting type programme, rest or recover Thursday and shift the hill session to the Friday??

Ya I see little benefit too in the long runs, although maybe just a long warm up jog for most of your track workouts, and high total distances of tempo with short recovery to build the aerobic part of the 400m.

Thanks for the feedback. I will do leg weights (e.g., squats) on sundays instead of long run.

What is a “bread and butter” work-out for the 400M? And, what is a tempo run?