What to get for Xmas?

Basically Christmas is coming up and so I can finally get some of Charlies training advice in book or DVD form (I’m a poor student).

Im planning on getting the CFTS Training for speed E-book and possibly the GPP DVD.

As a pole vaulter I thought id better ask if there is any of the products that relate to pole vault (not likely) or give a guide to implementing the programmes in the training for other events?

In short what shall I get for Xmas?

Thanks in advance


Get an ipod nano.

Charlie’s Fundamentals 1 DVD :smiley:

I ordered the Vancouver dvd set for my early Christmas gift. We’ll see how she goes. I already have the GPP and Fundamentals I dvd.

you have to get the GPP dvd. I have it and its awesome. i also have the cfts and 2002 forum review. the cfts covers a lot but its hard enough to extract it if you’re a beginner.
i have the 3 pack jane, fundamentals 1&2 on the way.

The great benefit of the gpp dvd is that it lays out a 7 week plan that really is fool proof. also its a short to long program which would be perfect for a ploevaulter. you’re race is only 30m isnt it?? thats exactly what gpp covers really.

also you can get a 15% discount using the code happyholidays for the next few days.

good luck

Cheers J, thats really helpful.

Yeah its only 30m’ish but that is repeated maybe 10-15 times in a comp situation, although its pretty much full recovery between each attempt.

Get a tall blonde

I always end up buying a lot of stuff for myself for Christmas. My family + friends act like I’m crazy when they hear some of the titles for the books/vids that I want. I finally broke down and just bought “Pumping Iron”. I love ah-nold!!

Have a look for ‘The Comeback’ - along the same lines

Get a tall blonde

Had one of them last xmas…

didnt P.B. till we broke up at end of July.

I’m not going through that again.

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i thought i added a post there.
wheres it gone?
was it deleted? I didnt think i said anything wrong!

They dont’ specifically relate to field events but planning and periodisation as well as the basic ideas behind CFs methods are applicable in all situations.

In this respect CFTS and the Vancouver series explain a lot of the basic theory related to training but it is very sprint orientated.

See my reviews in the reviews and recommendations section for more details.