What to eat the day of a track meet

Tomorrow am in the 4x1 and 4x4 for the
city i need to know whats the best thing
to eat.

Because am haviing problem finding the
right foods.

I don’t know bout y’all. But for dinner, the night before a race, I eat the biggest piece of red meat I can find, with some yam and dumplin.

And in the morning, for breakfast, I have some “fry dumplin” with corn meal porridge.

Breakfast of Champions.:smiley:

No heggs Kweli?

What about roast beef sandwiches. Charlie? :smiley:

don’t go eating anything new the night before a meet, you never know how your body will react, it is the meal you eat two nights before competition that is important anyway, actually i should say it is your overall eating habits, any person serious about training and being the best at his event should change their eating habits and make them better, read articles about post workout nutrition, protein and glycogen replenishment, but don’t try anything new before a meet try them during the off season.:smiley: