What to do with 1 hour between events

I’m running a 60m followed by a 300m indoors tomorrow and have about 1 hour between each event. I’m contemplating whether I should go through my regular cooldown then warmup routine.

Are there other things I should do in order to stay loose and relaxed?

What do some of you do under those circumstances?


in between i would keep relaxed and loose @ the 60.do a walk and lite stretches after it so you still have temp in the muscles.you can elevate the legs for a period.keep the warm-up short before the 300 so that you don’t be to tired.do full cool down @ the 300.

I was thinking along the same lines.

Thanks for the feedback…

It sounds great!!! simply and effective :slight_smile:

I followed X-man’s advice and it worked great! The 60m was the perfect warm up prior to my 300m. I felt so loose and relaxed during the race, I took .8 seconds off my 300m time from the week before.

well done :wink:

Congratulations!!! :slight_smile: