What makes a sprinter/long distance runner?

Is there a sort of build that had proved ideal for sprinters? I’m talking things like, long legs, shorter legs, slim, muscular, etc etc.

Also what makes a good long distance runner?

Sprinter = Small hips, broadish shoulders, low bodyfat, relatively long legs, high calf structure. Weighs anywhere between 65kg-90kg.

Hard to be 100% accurate because there are always unique sprinters. I mean compare Joshua Johnson to Asafa powell to tim monty

High calf structure. What good is this ??


I beleive it has something to do with
Longer achiles tendon to gastroc insertion = more stored elastic energy

What exactly classes as a high calf structure?

What about small hips? Why does that do good?

Small hips makes the sprinter more biomechanically efficient I believe. So when they’re foot strikes directly under the C of G the leg is more perpendicular to the ground if you look at the athlete head on. Does that make sense??