What is the fastest 100m ran by a caucasion person?

Does anybody what is the fastest 100m ran by a caucasion personis and who ran it? Iv done searches but cant find anything.

from what i remember 10.0 has not been broken


check this out. here is the answer i knew i saw it somewhere

thanks buddy, thats awsome.

ya Ato has got some good stats there. It’s amazing to think that the sub 10 hasn’t been done yet. I can’t wait when it happens. Some have said Matt Shirvington others have said a Greek sprinter. I’m gonna go with the Greek :slight_smile:

Well although those to might be able to, im gonna have to say me in about 6 years. j/k

hey it’s possible in 6 years 10 won’t be as impressive

Nic M from Canada ran it though it was wind aided (9.91) I think.


how causcasian do you need to be to qualify? pat johnson’s father is about as caucasian as u can get. tho you cant tell with patrick much … :slight_smile:

sort of like mariah carey saying she is black (maybe 1/4 in the shade)

and yes i know she’s never said it, its just an example.

Nicolas M of Canada ran a sub 10 wind-aided (twice?)

Marion Woronin of Poland ran 9.991, so that rounds up to 10.00

Koji of Japan also ran 10.00.

i didn’t know Marion’s time was rounded up. I didn’t know they’d round up a 9.991. Nic M is a definate possibility. He’s still young. If he does everything right than it will happen. I think it would be fitting if a Greek did it first anyways.

Imagine if Nicolas (for Canada, Greek heritage) won the gold in Athens, and Thanou won the women’s 100m! Plus KK in the 200M. Such marketing!

wow, now that would be exciting I didn’t look at it that way. I’ve been watching the Greek channels on satelite, and i haven’t heard much of Thanou in a while. But KK still has a couple of years left in him. And Nic M has his entire career ahead of him. Athens will be great!

shirvo got unlucky, in 98’s CWG; KL’s track was horrible if i recall it was a tartan track, put a mondo track in and that 10.03 would’ve been sub 10, kill the headwind and that would’ve been sub 10. he’s still gotta fix his running form especially his starting form. If he fixed that he may pull it off…but age is catching up.

of course if those things were in place Ato may have broken 9.84 in KL concurrently. but you’d have to blame ato for not breaking the world record back then…he celebrated early

I noticed ATO’s site has not been updated for a while - what’s the latest on the number of athletes with sub 10s and in particular - white caucasians?

Is Patrick Johnson still the only athlete of non-African descent to have broken 10.00s?

yup, if i recall pat johnson is 1/2 aborigine & 1/2 irish, conditions were just right for him. strong but legal wind, good weather…don’t know if it was a mondo track or not…but pat lucked out…he never ran sub 10 again.

133 9.93 +1.8 Patrick Johnson AUS 26.09.72 1rA Mito 05.05.2003
409 10.00 +2.0 Marian Woronin POL 13.08.56 1 Warszawa 09.06.1984

Observations and recommendations regarding race and genetics by the National Human Genome Center of Howard University*

  1. When the human species is viewed as a whole, underlying genetic variation and expressed physical traits exhibit gradients of differentiation, not discrete units. Therefore, modern extant humans do not fracture into races (subspecies) based on the modern phylogenetic criteria of molecular systematics.

    1. The biological “boundaries” between any human divisions (groups, populations, nationalities) are circumstantial and largely dependent on what traits are chosen for emphasis.

    2. The demographic units of human societies (and of the U.S. census) are the products of social or political rules, not the forces of biological evolution. The names and characteristics of demographic groups can change and have changed over time.

    3. Group differences in health parameters are not encoded in the human genome as part of an evolutionary pattern of divergence. Thus, differences in health or disease cannot be treated as causally related to ethnoancestral groups.

    4. Genotype-environment interactions are more important in explaining group differences in health than genotype, environment, or a factor called “race”.

    5. The non-existence of human races (subspecies) does not mean the non-existence of racism. Racism is the structured systematic oppression against individuals and groups defined based on physical traits that reflect an extremely limited fraction of the human genome. Racism must be addressed.

    6. Individuals cannot be treated as representative for all those who physically resemble them, or have some of the same ethnohistorical ancestry. Ancestries of individuals and groups should be ascertained in order to evaluate differential expression of genetic effects.

Does anybody what is the fastest 100m ran by a caucasion personis and who ran it? Iv done searches but cant find anything DBjohn

Your question maybe framed inappropriately. Let me elaborate, society thinks of race from a archetypal & singular viewpoint. You can find examples in entertainment politics and sport. The movie White Men Cant Jump is a good example, a lighthearted comedy. But more significantly racial archetypes or racial profiling allows governments to wage inequitable wars. Recent civilian death dolls in Iraq is one example.

Race is a genetic term for scientists and your question can be reframed do Caucasians have the genes to run sub 10s?

Yes, why haven’t they? Cultural factors and the “fast genes” are probably less abundant in the Caucasian group.

Yeah, it is just cultural factors that >99% of the top 500 times are of people of West African descent from varying socioeconomic conditions (different family backgrounds, some being adopted, some in warm weather, some in cold, etc.) around the world. Total coincidence.

Using this logic I could use weightlifting & speed skating to show that 99.99% of the top 500 are from the Caucasian East & South Asian group. Trying to frame the argument based on this logic its just fallacious.

I’ll elaborate on my earlier statement

“fast genes are probably less abundant in the Caucasian group” & more abundant in West African groups "

Simply looking at one group and comparing it to another is fallacious.