I would love to hear on what criterias you guys name some coach SUCCESSFUL…

Charlie once said (it was said to him), if you have a larger group of athletes, talented, and in one year you don’t achive anybody to run subXXX, then you suck as a coach…
Brutal but true…

It was said that Russians have great success with their systems, measured by the elite athletes they have, but no one is looking at the other side of the medall — how much athltes did they ruin!!!

Is success having one WR holder and 5 elites and ruin hundreds of athletes a sucess?

How should we judge who is sucessfull coach???

imo its having a group of high level athletes over a longer period. Having “4” high level athletes doesnt make you a world class coach. Maybe you had luck they were born in your area, etc
If you can have several high level athletes over a longer period it shows you do something good with them and you can do whatever individual needs.

i have heard that the kenyans put on a training camp each yr, offering positions to anybody who will come. thousands come each year for this camp. they train the crap out of these guys till they drop, and at the end, only the strong survive and pass to the next round. this was told to me by a kenyan junior athlete who came over for the junior world champs a while ago.

the same principle used in (old?) east-european gymnastics

I just whitnessed same camp in Karatash (near Kladovo) with synchronized swimmers…
You took 100 athletes, beat the crap out of them, and the most talented and “durable” will become elite… and the coach is great? What about other 99% of athletes…

I think the ratio between athletes ruined to elite level is a judgement. I don’t care how many WR holders you have if you ruined hundreds to get there. A good coach should be able to coach anyone, not just the genetically gifted.

hence my question a while ago about John smith and HSI. i was at the time thinking along this level they guy could have been? but it seemed the guy is a great coach. knows his stuff and can coach anybody.

The flip side of that statement is- how likely is it you’ll ever produce a world record holder if you are ruining people ‘right and left’?
Usually, the coaches who ruin most, ruin all.

Its a little like teaching … what is successful teaching?
Is it A’s and B’s or is it PB’s?

Also what do you the coach find successful for you? Is it happiness or fame or what?

The only problem with PBs is that some coaches use that as their entire basis of their success and ignore the wider picture. This seems to happen a lot at the high school level and even college to an extent. They think anybody who cannot run sub 11 w/o training doesn’t have talent, so they accept running mid and high 11s after training for4 years with minimal improvement. When asked, what about the training program? Well it can’t be at fault because they PB’d every year… (forget the fact it was sometimes under a tenth for a maturing athlete).

There has to be a balance between getting athletes of a variety of levels PBs and having the top as well. You will never reach the absolute top without a talented athlete who would be good regardless of training (albeit, not AS good), but that fact does not justify, in my opinion (just an athlete, not a coach), accepting mediocrity.

Yes - agreed.

I meant more in the sense of …
‘Are you happy that you’re dveloping an athlete and that they are consistently improving rather than setting world records’ … kind of way …

Well said!!!
It seems that to be successful you need to

  • consistently improving individual performances of the athletes (do not accept mediocrity), no matter of their talent level (consistent increase in their PBs)
  • consistently provide elite athletes if you have couple of really talented athetes (WR)
  • Enjoy what you are doing, and that your athletes enjoy what they are doing without “screwing” anybody — provide anyone a chance as much as your budged allows!

What do you guys think?

What about the money and fame :rolleyes: :smiley:

MAY be a by product but unlikely.
If that is the reason anyone coaches then IMHO their motivations and expectations are wrong.

Damn!!! :smiley:

Tell that to the Ryan Lee camp.

I agree about money being a by product of good coaching. If you do well, the money will come.

it would be like expecting to become rich and famous and your a physisit. sure there have been one or two but u really shouldnt get into the indusrty really expecting it to happen. the well known and most wealthy individuals in the physical coaching field are usually the ones providing the most useless knowledge that appeals to the masses. you got to be like an artist, no one is going to appreciate you till your dead, well maybe not ever and the crowd that does will be a select few.

Elaborate on that one …?

And the women?

You should told be this before I went to Faculty of Sports and Physical Education… :frowning:
I am “educated coach” who should live by his coaching… Luckily I have programming skills if this fails :slight_smile: I would need 1-2 years to be right on the track regarding programming and system administration heheh
Sure thing, I am not coahc due money making, because there are no money (usually) in coaching, only in quackery… So, how can I make money for living???

you could awalys be a man whore. money is good and the hours are flexible.