what is a good routine for the 55m and only yhr 55 meter?

im a baseball player, i play for minor league team curently…we run the 60 yard dash, not the 60 meter…my best hand time wasa 6.51 ad a 6.54…those are fast for baseball but slow by track standards, i guess…im 6"2 210 lbs and i squat 405 for 5 reps and hang clean 255lbs…so i am notweak…butwhat kind ofsprint training do i do 2 get faster, ad ca i get faster…im 22 yrs old…so basically i want a 55meter routine, t improve my 60 yard dah…thanks

recently reviewed in the past threads i think 0-30m is mostly strenght,so gym work will improve this area if i’m correct.i would practice alot of standing starts as this is a major role in base-ball.you could also addd some flying 10’s with a 20m run in.training for bobslead would be fairly similar to the type of training you will require