what if i dont do tempo?..

Since the weather has been pretty crappy this year, its been hard to get all my workouts and tempo in . i was wondering what would happen if i didnt do tempo, but still did 3 workouts a week (mon-speed endurance, wed-speed, accelerations, fri-special endurance like 2x300). If i failed to do tempo on the inbetween days, what would be the result. keeping in mind i have been training for a while and no longer feel sore. is this very detrimental? also just to play devils advocate, i know everyone will say to go inside for tempo, but what would happen if u dont???

Pioneer, It seems that your original statement was:

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Tell the agent to stick to his job and you’ll do yours.

So scarface answered:

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Part of an agent’s job is to make sure an athlete is getting everything necessary for running faster (i.e. sponsors, meets, training, financial advice etc.)

Makes sense to me:sing:

Scarface, what’s your point? As a an agent, he would no doubt want to understand what an athlete is doing to make sure his client is getting the most from his/her abilities. Just because it might not be a system he isn’t familiar with means only that he might need to do his homework. It’s obviously a program that has worked with at the very least some extremely high level female athletes.

Tempo is an essential part of training. It helps with many things, but the most important I would say is injury prevention. You may be able to get away with no tempo for a few weeks, but it will catch up to you in many ways. If you read what has already been posted, you will understand the importance of tempo.

What if everything is perfect with the elimination of tempo on off days…Charlie what things can we expect?

If you dont do tempo ,you will grow into a fat bastard…

What do you do if you live in an area where grass turns into marsh like conditions regularly during the winter (we have a lot of clay in the ground where I live)?

do it on the track.

Has anyone done multi med. ball throws and other GS work instead of tempo?

I thought tempo on the track was a not recommended?

the grass is better for your lower legs… but if you are not having lower leg problems and there is nowhere else to do tempo besides the tarck, the track is fine. But in a perfect world you would be better off doing tempo on the grass.

Pool workouts, med ball and ab stuff can also be considered tempo work, and can be substituted for some of the overall volume.

As has been said Med ball work, bodyweight stuff can be included.

I do 3 tempo sessions in pool - 2 after hard days and one on the track (or grass depending on weather) I included body weight work on that day.

I need to do it - because I am a fat bastard

Track365, the question is, do you see Tempo as training or recovery?

Both, but which aspect dominates depends on your level of fitness. If your general conditioning is poor, the tempo will be quite a workout. However, once your general fitness is in place, the training effect should be more that of maintenance and recovery.

dcw23, i look at tempo as more of recovery at this point in the season…


I did my dynamic lifts- BP 6x3, Sq 6x3, Pulldowns 6x3 30 sec. rest but no sprints or plyos which I usually do first just yesterday. Typically, the next day I do my tempo early in the morning however, today I woke up late and had to skip it. Right now it’s just before bedtime for me and I feel a little sore something I should not be feeling. I haven’t skipped a tempo day in a long time and now I reminded of the reason why. Much slower recovery and soreness. When one progresses with their speed and strength it becomes that much more important to do tempo.

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dcw23, i look at tempo as more of recovery at this point in the season…

See Balance’s post above. Pretty much sums it up! You need to do something to get the blood flowing.

Jump Roping perhaps (as MJ would say it :wink:

I did tempo for the first time at grass and damn my lower legs hurt days after that, but when I did the same on track the pain was much lighter…go figure out.

we got pretty crappy grass playing fields in here thought!