What if for Charlie

Please put aside your well known humility for a second.
If you were in your prime, knowing what you know of training, nutrition, recovery, etc., in addition to the advances in equipment, what do you think you would be capable of doing in the 100 meters, conditions being ideal…no! not a 50 mph tailwind…legal:D

I’m pretty sure I could have gotten under the magic barrier! (Eleven Seconds)

What are you pr’s?

10.1h in 1971 (no 5 world performance list at the time)

Damn thats impressive.

What about other numbers such as squats? Your olympic lifts were about 185 in the snatch? You bench was no joke!


your web site is looking good. i enjoyed the articles you had posted.

be sure to let us all know when your book is ready.

Sir Charles,
If this was not a family channel, I would call you a very bad name. 11 seconds:mad: I suspect that you would be under 10 EASILY. But heck, what do I know? Let’s see: shoes, tracks, starting systems, various supplements (say 5 of them), cryo/thermo therapy, chiro, massage, nutrition, hydration, flexibility, periodization, strength training, money,…let’s assume that each of those factors is a hundredth (with each supplement being a separate hundredth) and we’ve chopped .17 off Charlie’s 10.34 fat {10.1 h.t. plus .24}. Throw in a great coach and bammo!!!= instant sub 10. If ONLY it were that simple.
But seriously guys, I know we’ll never get a straight what if out of Charlie, and I can understand why, but a 10.34 in 1971 with ALL of today’s improvements…I think Charlie would have a legitimate chance of going below the mendoza line, so to speak. Thoughts?

A dead cert - slightly behind Borzov

I was behind Borzov alright, although I wouldn’t use the prefix “slightly”! Past is past, and I’ve seen so many great sprinters since, I’ve havn’t thought much about it, except to think about the role of increased therapy.

bumb that, charlie would beat borzov that guy wasnt even awake! lol. He probally could have went under the 10 second barier substantially. Remember the times are relative to the era they are run in. A 10.31 when charlie ran it is relatively faster to a 10.31 run by a sprinter today. Charlie’s training was not even that good. Speedwork everyday, come on now. Give the guy some credit he would have beat borzov silly in the 100m.

Yeah soz lol - I was of course forgetting Borzov already had most of the things on the list even then .

I really hate hypothetical questions like this … but another way of putting it would be …

Charlie - If you were cloned and training a younger you (Mini-Me) - what would you have run?

[… maybe some of you other guys would like to think about that one - ‘How well and to what level could you coach yourself?’ … or would you fall out/disagree etc.]

As Charlie said, `past is past´!

I have to admit that one of the reasons (but only one of many!) I coach is that I am a frustrated athlete. I had a measure of success but did not reach my potential. Who cares now?

For you guys (and gals) out there who are still young, learn and USE the information available to you and take your future into your own hands.

Don´t end up like a Springsteen song - Glory Days.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda - don´t mean shit.


If Charlie coached Charlie…that sort of reminds me about one famous red sox player.

“If Wade boggs hit behind wade boggs, wade bogs would lead the league in RBI’s”-

Wade Boggs…

Wadge boggs was my favorite player growing up!

When I worked with the D-rays I loved his hard work and passion for hitting. He was also funny as hell!

Yeah thats cool, he was a student of the game, like tedy ballgame, those redsox have knack for getting the job done except at the worldseries, but this is the year im sure of it, also he was probally one of the best contact hitters of all-time. And a letf too. I like his unorthodox style of shaking his fanny at the plate. He must have been a pitchers worst nightmare! I hope you got his autograph…

I tend not to get autographs since when they finish with the signature they are finished with you! Honestly I don’t collect that many signatures…just Jordan and Rice.