What have you learned?

I’m extremely curious to know what each of the many patrons of Charliefrancis.com have learned. There’s such a plethora of information that can be found for free on these forums, and a lot of it was contributed by the forum-surfers here. I think it would be interesting to hear what some of the heavy hitters like Kitkat, Charlie, Nikolouski, PJ, have LEARNED from their interaction with athletes on the forums. But I also think it would be VERY interesting to hear what the athletes on this forum have learned!

Personally, I have learned that REST is intentional!

I have learned that ultimately you have to train as fast as possible, as often as possible, eat well, sleep well.

What is this about ? a pocket e-book with the resume of the site ?

Contrast shower are the goods for me
actualy, i´m gonna do a session right now !!
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I presume you mean a quick nugget, so:

The importance of being hindbrain.

Livestrong is lazy

lol Clemson relax with the kid ;).

Well, it’s kind of hard to not sound connotative when asking for a “nugget” from all of the folks here… :smiley:

I’ve learned relaxation is key to becoming faster. Also, recovery and injury prevention are very important parts in a training program.


Short to long progression for 100m

I’ve sort of got it down

That Clemson is a bad mother…

and that I’m not nearly as smart as I thought I was.

Oh and Dr. Evil’s the best damn coach on the planet.

Better is Better…
the “art” of coaching - things to look for like heavy feet, dead legs, how to work around obstacles.

it’s an “approach” thing more than any actual protocol.

Quality is better than quantity with high intensity training - although hard training is still required - just try the tempo “Big Circuit”!.

Do not get too hung up on high intensity, low intensity is equally as important.

That there is a wealth of knowledge from people who share the same passion from Sport Sciences to Sports Medicine.

-That “everything changes and nothing changes” and Charlie is still the best. I used CFTS in 1992, then worked my way through Wells(Jr Elite Camp), Seagrave(Level II), and Winckler(one of my sprinters attended Illinois) and ended up right back where I should be at CFTS.

-Keep it simple and let the results you produce speak for themselves. Anybody can work with a 10.12 sprinter, but it’s a far greater accomplishment to get somebody from 10.41 to 10.12.

I’ve learned that almost every athlete trains hard and only a select few train smart. The smarter athlete will almost always prevail.

Don’t get hurt.

Realize there are consequences and effects with every aspect of training, including getting stronger or faster.