What Do I Do if I Think I’m Going to Hurt My Hamstring

Not my own question but from a training partner (100 -400mh)-

Background- during cross country last year i hurt my hamstring sprinting into the finish line. I took it easy for about a week but i felt pain whenever i felt pressure on the left leg. The trainer said that i had a minor tear but my coach told me the trainer is not reliable and made me run on it. Since that point i have been able to run without the pain but every so often the pain comes back and it is only in that leg so that makes me think that it will likely get hurt someway.

It was hurting enough to inhibit me from having maximum running efficiency and it is on and off. Sometimes i feel afraid/paranoid of going to fast which leads to me holding back to prevent any serious injury. Is there a way to act preemptively if you feel that one hamstring is more at risk than another hamstring of being injured.

Some degree of soft tissue work is required - either to help break down scar tissue and/or free up the muscle. In addition, some rehab work on the track (as presented by Charlie in previous threads) is required in the form of progressive acceleration and speed work to help re-strengthen the hamstring and prepare it for the demands of your event. This may take a 3-4 week progression to get you to a place where you are confident you will have no issues.

Bottom line - see someone who knows how to take care of the injury. The coach has no clue. You likely have to see someone outside the sphere of influence of the coach (i.e. not the training staff). In other words, take matters into your own hands.