What are the levels?

O.K. I wasn’t sure where to post this question so here it goes. Occasionally I read someone talk about the levels of sprinters. But I wanted a breakdown of what they are. For example a person who runs 12.0+ is a beginner ,11.9-11.5 a intermediate ,11.4-11.0 advanced ect…

How many levels do people use?
What do you look for other then race time to determine a level or is it based solely on race performence?
I am asking also since many training elements are cycled based on the quality of the athlete. A.K.A someone at a low level runs a pb but since it is not at a high level it doesn’t warrent changing the days training to deal with C.N.S. stress since they aren’t truly tapping it.

For males with some natural talent I would guess: (FAT times)

Beginner: 11.5-12.0
Intermedate: 11.0-11.4
Advanced sub 11.00
Elite: sub 10.30


You’d have to break it down further by training years. A 10.30 at 17 isn’t the same as 10.30 at 24 etc.

O.K. what role does training age have in determining training stress and training level?

I think the natural assumption is, a 10.3 at 17 is a lot less stressful than a 10.3 at 24.

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Charlie thats a great point, I never even thought to consider training age…

I would think 10.30 at 17 would indicate greater potential for faster times down the road than 10.30 at 23. :slight_smile: (Coming into adult strength further natural growth and development etc etc)

And, most likely, a much bigger annual jump in performance.

What would the “levels” be for high school girls ages 13-18?

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All these things of levels are as all training elements IMO an individual thing as Charlie says. Use common sense. If a 12.5 girl runs 12.1 doesn’t really mean anything unless she feels very tired or sore afterwards. So it’s not just a table that says “well, let’s see, 22.3 PB, if a 21.8 is run stop workout immediately”, you have to factor all things in. Of course one never wants to risk injury, so if in doubt, it seems the concensus is to play it safe. Less is more.

Sounds like good advice

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Anyway, that’s not why I asked that question. I wanted to know the supposed levels of a 13-18 year old simply to see what the consensus is for runners of that age. Anyone have anything to say?

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So far I should look at
training age
real age
actual performence times

What else is there to look at?