what are the implications of Max effort lifting on a game day ?

Improved performance at the game due to higher CNS efficiency or bad performance ?

(Perfect nutrition, caffeine, ephedra, creatine boosters all day long)

basketball game btw

Just before a game (5-10min):

  • muscle potentiation (larger forces at same neural activation)
  • Set should be low (1-2 warm-up, 1-2 main sets)

Befor a game: (1h-2h)

  • None, I guess

Day before a game:

  • Keeping the same stregth level

Thank you.
1Hr before the game i’m doing:

• 2x5 @ 50% (warm up)
• 1x3 @ 60% (warm up)
• 1x2 @ 70% (easy)
• 1x1 @ 80% (easy just 1 rep…)
• 1x1 @ 90%
• 1x1 @ 95%
• 1x1 @ 100% or new PR.

Total of 3 lifts above 90%.

Romanian deadlifts, 8 reps 3 sets far from failure
Pull throughs same

thats it.

anyone ? the game is tomorrow :slight_smile:
what if i do this at 10am ? the game is at 8:30pm

would it be better to go for a 3rm instead of 1 ?
should i cut some volume off the RDLs and PTs ?

Can’t you just go for your max on another day?

No sir
I can’t workout on saturdays… (the other westside schedule)
actually im not concerned about the ME, i can go for a 3rm it’s also good. and from personal XP: it wouldnt hinder my performance

I am more concered about the accessory lifting, what can I do to optimize the deal here.

If you are going to do this which I wouldnt suggest… Id say just to do the squats you’ve mentioned or some box squats, jumps squats or an oly lift variation. DO NOT DO ANY POSTERIOR CHAIN SUCH AS RDL’S WORK BEFORE A GAME!!

I would say that experimenting before a game is very riskfull… try not to beat your PR 1h before a game, save it for another time…
Try doing:
50% x 10 (warm-up)
75% x 3-5 (warm-up)
2sets 90% x 1rep
Keep the duration and volume short… Try implementing some dynamic effort exercises like Metson(??), clean etc…
Doing supplementary (accesory) lifts are not necesary here, just energy consuming, but they could be done for warm-up if you cooled down a little…
What do you do after lifting, before a game? How much is your pause (rest)?