What about love?

I see a lot of people talk about diet but hey what about sex?
is it good for sprinters?is it bad?
because some of top sprinters are married and i think they are having fun but ther is others not married like mo greene so :confused:

Sex is terrible for you. Abstinence or death!!!

im still too young for it D=

“What about love”

Masturbation doesn’t involve love, unless I am missing something.

It increases testo levels, so it should be a part of your daily routine!

i do masturbation training around 1-2 times a day, i defintiely see a correlation between my tiems when i masturbate and when i don’t thats for sure!

i cant get u guys u mean masterbating is a good thing!!! :eek:

i remember charlie francis saying “if it looks right-it flies right!” well in this case… If it feels right-it flies right :smiley:

wow! am learning new things everyday! :smiley:

what is testo levels ??? :confused:

Of course it does. Masturbation is sex with someone you love deeply … :stuck_out_tongue:

Never thought of it like that :slight_smile:

And krazie, testo = testosterone

and that testo increase the mucsles??

I think you fella’s may have opened pandora’s box for krayzie!

pandora’s box what the hell is that!!!


Pandoras box basically means that once something has happened, you cant take it back.

masturbation is kind of odd, if you feel groggy and really tired when you wake up in the mornign, do it and you’ll be wide awake afterwards, and at night do it before you go to bed and you become tired and its easier to sleep haha

guys regardless of testo levels and how it affects workouts, i think finding a partner (no matter who!) is better than falling in love with urself :slight_smile:

HA! who needs the drama that girls bring though? You hook up and now its got to be exclusive?! I say follow the Chapelle shows muppets motto.
“That’s okay, I don’t need you honey
I beat my dick like it owes me mone”

Well i dont belive in sex before get married so lets just keep on havin fun with madam 5 lol

Sex is awesome for sprinters.
It teaches your hips to fire explosively, :smiley:
It can loosen tight hip flexors
Raises T-levels and heart rate, burns about 200 calories
Never before a race, sometimes you feel energized, sometimes you can’t stand up afterwards.