what about counter excamples

i mean, things to avoid, things that obviously dont work.

well, there are a lot, but i HAVE to share my experience, cause its funny and sad at the same time.

so ok, i train solo for the GPP period, doing things the CF way. At the end of the gpp i measured out of curiocity the 100m, i did it, with flats, 12.63.

last year, i managed a 11.9 with spikes and all.

i know, i suck, but this is irelevant, im training because i like it.

so, i start training about a month ago with my teams coatch.

so we did a work out last fridays consisting of 4x80m + 4x100m with 2 mins of rest (go figure what that is)

my first 80m, i did at more or less 100% (i souldnt but i did) the time? 10.1 which coresponds to a 12.5 100m, shure enough thats what i did at the 100m portion of the training.

with spikes, and after alot of training…

this is downright TERRIBLE.

a typical training week looks like this with that orc of a trainer


10x10m with sled

the rests are walkbakcs


the rests are walkbacks

weights (power cleans, squats, calf work, everything at 10-15 reps)

some form of plyometrics, say
one leged hops 50mx4
bounds 50mx4
long jump x10

10x200m @ 85% with walkbacks

20mins jog and weights (bench, pull down, biceps, triceps)

no ab work, no med ball work nothing of those short.

well, im a terible athlete and with this kind of training my times went to hell, just imagine what it would do to a more experienced one…