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Rio is averaging more than 10 dead a day. So Rio is getting multiple “Rodney King” incidents every week if you want to look at it that way. They don’t have any money in the slums, so you can’t cause much economic damage there.

School shootings are, at best, incredibly rare. Considering most of the people killed in the gang violence in Rio are teenagers who are not even in school, I don’t think it is a very relevant comparison as it just shows how bad Rio really is.

This post shows what a moron you are. Serial killers exist in all societies, across all periods of time, and are not any more prevalent in areas of the United States than anywhere else, unless of course you want to consider the fact that the US and other Western countries actually give a damn to look into it.

Rio is averaging close to a dozen murders a DAY, and that is just what is reported. You can’t find any comparison or anything worst than that in the Western world in the last 20 years, period. Referencing serial killers, school shootings, and the like just makes you look like an ignorant dumbass.

Fogelson, you own the thruth.
Your words confirm what some people told me in p.m.
You own all the datas, you make up numbers, you know what is important and what is not.
Congratulation, mr Ph.D.( btw, I got 8 rep points in a day writing this bulllshit…)

lol what numbers have I made up? Talk facts here regarding RIO or any other bid city in recent decades–you are incapable of doing that, let alone forming coherent sentences or argument. The point is, of any city that was in the final round of the Olympic bidding or any city that has had the Olympics in the previous 2 decades, there has never been anything like the violence seen in Rio. That is indisputable, plain and simple. In fact, it is unheard of in the Western world in the last 2 decades as well. Even the “worst” examples of violence don’t compare to this in length and frequency of incidents.

People on here get upset when someone brings up facts that are relevant to the issue. I tell people LKH has never trained with HSI and runs 15, people get angry at me. I say Rio is one of the most dangerous places in the world and much more dangerous than any other bid city by far, people get mad at me again.

Fogelson, you are incorrect. It isn’t the use of facts that upsets people it is when they are presented in an arrogant way and the person regularly uses derogatory language and personal attacks in their posts.

People who neglect or outright ignore facts relevant to the situation shouldn’t have their opinions or comments treated seriously or respectfully. Sorry, but I don’t believe everyone’s opinion is all happy and equally good–especially when it is happily founded upon incorrect information.

Come on - my grandmother can almost run 15.

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Fogelson refers to personal insults in order to establish his own credibility and to discredit the opposing point of view.

Fogelson you have obviously never studied statistics. None of your arguments are supported by valid data, or true cross sectional statistics across a wide range of groups, over a substantiated time frame. You cherry pick events and make gross opinionated generalisations - which only demonstrates what a jerk you are.

You obviously have some type of dysfunctional personality. Someone who elevates your own sense of self by belittling others is just not normal.

Have a read of the DSM1V- there’s a chapter on Narcissistic personality disorder. You will find a detailed description of yourself.