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For those who bought our first workout download and completed it, good work. This thread is dedicated to your questions regarding the specifics of the workout.

We hope you enjoyed it


I’m waiting for the firt one to try the session in real time- 3 x through and report back

one question, the 3 x work out, sould last about an hour and would be ALONE on a tempo day?

I mean, me and my athletes dont tolerate that much volume yet, so we could do the 3 x and during the warm up do some more strides just to run a bit, or 1 x med balls and normal tempo?

The point is to build up to it- ie 1 then 2 then 3 cycles through to get up to 1 hour. Depending on what else you are doing and your training level, it could take from a few weeks to over a year, but I would suggest that you’ll build up your tolerance for this type of work faster than most other types in the overall program.
Another thing to keep in mind is the surface you’re training on. When you’re forced indoors in winter, for example, you’d want to increase the amount of this type of work relative to tempo to protect the shins- outdoors on grass, you might switch it around proportionally.

Good point! And the same is true in case of an injury (that at least allows you to do this kind of work). It may be obvious, but good to point it out…
Note: I haven’t seen the video yet; I am waiting for Rupert! :slight_smile:

Yes. Injury time means you substitute what you can do for what you can’t. Something goes out, more of this type of work goes in.

Two questions after watching the video:

  1. Those “hammer swings” you were having the person do, I got the impression that you were trying to get him to swing back further and make the movement one motion instead of two (squat down, than rotate arms above head). Is this correct and should we be trying to do them that way or the way demonstrated?

  2. What is the reasoning for having the jumps be equal length in the double jump throws? Just curious.

Thank you for your time,

Pat Battaglia

1: Yes it should be a smooth continuous motion but flexibility will play a part.

2: The more even the jumps, the farther you travel. Measuring the total distance from the starting point to where the ball lands tells you how well you’re doing if the technique is good, as long as the surface isn’t slippery, such as wet grass. in which case you jump and throw more for height.

I’m not charlie but i have found if they jump too far they land with their weight behind them and hence cannot perform the second hop well because they are breaking. Keeping the jumps more equal prevents this to some extent because they arn’t trying to jump the furthest they can each time.

My question for Charlie is with the landing. In other videos (and in Mach’s book) you have them going straight into an acceleration run. Any specific reason for using the 2 footed landing?

Did one set of the full workout today with my 4Kg ball and it is hard especially the behind the head work (because I have tight shoulders that i should really sort out sometime).

I’d always land on two feet for safety, then step forward with one foot for any acceleration you’re adding. Gerrard usually used med ball throws only in combination with an acceleration without the hops. These are very effective (you can see them in the GPP DVD) but can cause wrist problems due to hard landings if you’re doing them indoors.

Thanks for the reply!

but can cause wrist problems due to hard landings if you’re doing them indoors.

true, and the fact that computers are kind of mandatory in everyday work makes things worce because the keyboard position of the hands really screws up the wrists.

Though i do the land-push up-accelarate starting from a very low position so the landing aint as bad

Did one set of the full workout today with my 4Kg ball and it is hard especially the behind the head work (because I have tight shoulders that i should really sort out sometime).

i did two cycles of the med ball thing and i almost DIED, its a killer, those god damn round the body circles…

You adjust to the sessions very quickly. that’s the beauty of it.

I’m interested in buying your med workouts download. I am a sprinter for about 2 years now, i’m 20 years old and i run 10.95 and 21.85. Whit the upcoming winter season i had in mind buying those med exercises. I never bought a dvd on your site, is it good to start with the med’s ? Or should i seriously consider buying some other stuff as well ? Thx,

I would first suggest getting GPP DVD!

I’d prob start with the GPP or the vanc 2004 downloads to get started setting up a program. Once you have a traing plan set you can look at individual training componants like the med ball to show you how to carry out the training itself


Could you please give us an indication for when your SPP/outdoor DVD will be released?

Thank you.

The vanc dvd gives you 2 sample spp plans. idk if that is what you are looking for, but it is pretty good.

I have the vanc 2004 SPP samples, but is that not for the first phase (indoors) of the triple periodisation?

Hmm…my trainer writes his program himself, sure i can advise him with sometings from ur dvd :). But i was looking for more exercises to add to my sprint training. But after all it is maybe a good idea to start watching how trainings should be planned, so i can talk things over with my trainer.
Thx for the advice !