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I think people (including myself) generally worry too much about getting things right - and this goes for planning SPP2 as a follow on from the Van’04 dvd.

Thing is, there is no one correct way to plan it. It totally depends on your facilities, the weather etc. All you really need to know is whether you are going to move your distances out (Short to Long) or inwards (long to short). If you are going short to long then you can basically do the L-S programme in reverse (though perhaps stopping at 300m) and adjust the recovery slightly.

If you are going long to short then continue the Van’04 graph downwards till you start to hit 80-120m. Here you can then pinch a few of the S-L speed sessions and play it by ear. Yes it would be great to have charlie’s own programme but if you are like me and need to run most of the year indoors they you probably want to adjust it to use split runs etc… Once you understand the basics you can put together a good programme. It might not be theoretically perfect but, even if it was, in reality you will never be able to execute it exactly anyway.

Even with Charlie’s help you will still have to learn from experience.

In which case the Med Ball download is a good one to have.

whats the point of buying the med ball dvd if we have all other products they speak on med ball training, also is the med ball training on the dvd a workout itself or can it be use with other training modules also.

The idea is to get as close to real time as possible so you can see exactly what kind of workload is involved beyond just a description of the actions. i’ve found there is a lot of confusion as to how the various aspects of training are actually carried out so this is as close as we can get. You could actually follow along and use the clip as a module and repeat it as able 2 to 3 times to make up a full session (though once will be plenty for any one just starting in.)

but lets say if you are working with a group of athletes and u only have 10min a day to spend on med drills would this be enough time to imput the dvd into action?

Take out a few exercises that are repeated and you have a simple full body conditioning circuit. The circuit itself lasts around 12 minutes when i do it.

sounds good.

Ok, so bought the download(really impressed by the way)…beginning to integrate the circuit into my training on tempo days. Just curious…when you get to the point that you can do three of the circuits, do you progress from there by adding reps on each of the exercises?

Glad to hear you enjoyed the film Coxy24, we are considering that as our format for 2008/09 since it allows us to drill down on focus areas and gives you the choice on what you want, based on your needs.