weird running coming off


k, so track season just started. as you all know. sad to say, i was pretty bad (and didn’t know how to) about preparing myself, and didn’t do much/any running till conditioning which started 2 weeks ago.

anyways, we were running 400’s “full out” at the end of practice on wednesday, and i felt the weirdess thing. As I was coming off the first curve, I felt like I was “sinking”, and losing my balance and stuff. Like I could move my legs properly/in a controlled motion, and i was just trying not to fall.

anyone know what happened to me? needless to say, i’m not too well all the technical training/from stuff, and i’m guessing it has to do with my form. but i’m not sure what. help?


Sorry man, but I’m not shocked that you’re feeling a little wonky… You are in your third week and you are running “full out” 400’s?? That is a little much.
Don’t want to be a downer but, I’m in week 26 of my training for the 400m, and I didn’t see a track or spikes for at least the first 5-6 weeks. Point being, you’re no where as strong as you will be. Look, do some hill work, some longer less intensive tempo. Take it easy for at least a few weeks, ease in to it a bit.

Would you post your journal of your workouts so we can see what you’ve been doing exactly. I’m a bit concerned youre going to burnout.

Hey more then likely you are not strong enough in your hips, core. It sounds like your legs were trailing behind you and you were loosing balance. You need to focus on staying upright and not leaning forward. The stuff the guy above mentioned is correct in his assesment albeit not at all helpfull to your situation and what your asking about.

Well even three weeks into your training you should be able to tolerate the first 25m of a 400 (your first turn). I would ask if you were in an inside lane but on tracks where there isn’t a banked curve, the outside lanes are still tight as a 1-3 outdoors. Based upon the minimal information we have available I would simply say that you probably hit the turn to hard (speed) and just didn’t have the control to keep your technique together coming of the turn. Remember, greater speed + tighter turns create more pulling forces to the right. When you come off a curve like that you should expect some sort of slingshot effect, if you will. I have done this before and kicked myself in the butt, literally, when heading in to the straightaway.