Weird Feeling in muscles?

Whenever I jump or kick something hard, my quads get this weird feeling. Not so much a pain, but its almost like a “tightness” I guess. It’s like the muscle stays contracted for a moment?? The feeling comes on in a “wave”…like right after I leave the ground when I jump the feeling will be subtle then itll get stronger and stronger in the next couple tenths of a second…then it fades away in the same manner. Now I’m getting the same feeling in my hamstrings.

It’s been happening as of a few months ago, and hasnt gone away so it’s concerned me. Man I’m a mess…

Side effects of not warming up/stretching properly before you start your activity

How’s your flexiblity?

I haven’t worked out in a while, so I believe that’s had an effect on the health of my muscles.

I’m sort of inflexible I suppose, but I’m not that bad I guess. When warmed up I can toe touch, and the standing quad stretch doesnt even feel like its doing anything. That’s why I’m frustrated with developing quadricep flexibility. I can pull my foot to my glutes and not even feel much if any of a stretch. My other muscle groups in my lower body are tighter though I’d say. also found out I’ve got a noticeable imbalance between my right and left hip

Would my diet be a possible factor in this?

Sounds like an alignment issue. But its hard to say.
Is one quad and one hamstring hurting more than the other. Like you left hammy and your right quad?

This feeling isn’t really much of a pain, than a feeling. But it makes me feel uncomfortable, knowing it’s there. It seems after a week or 2 of working out again it doesn’t really happen. I never had this before when I was working out (took off over a year due to injuries)

The feeling is equal in both left and right upper legs though.