Weights w/ GPP

After the snow clears up, I will most likely be commencing GPP again. For now, I will have my last competition this saturday. Currently, my pb in 60m is 7.58 (+.07 improvement). This improvement was miniscule and probably expected, because only my form got better, and I suffered from a hamstring injury, shin splints, and a weight gain, etc.

With all that being set aside, I commenced a powerlifting program (Sheiko) whilst sprinting 1-2x a week. Obviously not the best idea, but I was terribly weak after my injuries, and it got me back up to par. A few things, in Charlie’s GPP video/pdf he has a weight routine. I am not exactly sure how to use this, since it’s not specific with reps, or which exercises to use.

Currently, or well, after my last competition, I will be doing lifting to maintain muscle whilst walking and doing HIIT on the bike (shin splints need to heal). I figure with GPP, since it starts low, I hopefully won’t get shin splints from it from overdoing it.

A sample day of what I tried tuesday is this:

PC - 155 3x4, 165x4, 175x1, 155x3
Squat - 135x3, 205x3,245x3,295 3x3
RDL - 185x10, 205 2x10

Max squat somewhere around 365ish (did 345 a couple weeks ago fairly easily)

Hammies are a little sore, etc, but all is well. My goal for October is to get a sub 7.4, preferably 7.35. My question is, how should I adjust the weights accordingly as each week passes for GPP? I will be doing advanced stage weights 3x a week.

you aren’t going to be sqatting 3x per week i certainly hope, right?

i’d squat parallel 1x per week, then do a squat variation on another day. After speed work, as usual

No. It calls for 2x squatting a week, but it’s very ambiguous, so I don’t really know exactly.