weights to peak for my counties in a few weeks

Hi guys, I have my first comp of the season in a couple of weeks time ( 1st of may) and then my county champs on the 8th/9th may which im aiming to peak for. the race the week before counties is for a tune up i believe.

My track days are on tues thurs and sun ( sunday is dropped if competing that weekend).

I wanted to know in terms of weights what i should be doing from now in order to peak for the counties. This is reps and sets?

currently i have been doing upper body pushes on monday and weds, upper body pulls on tues and thurs , and squats, deads and power cleans on friday.

all have been 3x3 (80% 85% 90% )

Drop everything except cleans and bench, and only lift once per week. You should peak quite nicely.

How are you going to peak with only one race, it takes me about 7 100m races to reach my peak or something close to my peak. Your lifting is too much.

Lifting till about 10 days from big meet:

Session 1:
cleans 3x2x75%
squats 3x2x70%
bench 3x2x85%

Session 2:
hang clean or snatch 3x2x75%
bench press 2x2x80-85%

Day 7: Last lower body workout

Day 3: bench press 2x2x80%

The 100m is a different beast and speed endurance is a bitc*.

Thanks RB34 and track man. I think my coach may be basing this on my times from last season as my times were pretty much consistent throughout the whole season.

I ran 11.6x 7 out of 9 races and the other two was an 11.57 last race of the season and an 11.9 but that was into a big headwind and cold wet day.

I’m guessing he must think i dont really need many races to be on form?

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hi guys i ran the 100 200 4x100 and a cruised the 4x400 just for club points this saturday. should i lift this week you think? i ran 11.6 and 23.5 into a bit of headwind. my p.bs are 11.57 and 23.47 .