weights program

i’ve been reading a lot on this forum and now i’m wanting to start weight lifting( i have zero experience in it). The sport i’m trying to prepare for is soccer. unfortunately, i am restricted for a while to lifting only at home. i’ve been inactive for about a year and a half so i have no strength whatsoever. Please help me! any help will be greatly appreciated. I’m really scrawny right now so i need to get bigger and stronger so i can start sprinting. here’s what i’m planning on doing for the GPP( about 8 weeks. )

back squat(below parrallel) 3 X 8

upright rowing 3 X 10

rows 3 X 10

bicep curls 3 X 10

bench press 3 X 8

overhead extension 3 X 10

tricep extension 3 X 10

back squat(below parrallel) 3 X 8

upright rowing 3 X 10

rows 3 X 10

wrist curls and reverse wrist curls

My question is will this be sufficient in order to getting stronger? Or do i need to incorporate some other lifts. Also, when i unload on the 4th week how many sets and reps should i do??

My advice is to do bodyweight leg and upper body exercises until you drop for a while before going into the weightroom.
After about 8-10 weeks of those, start donig stuff in the 6-10 rep range for a couple weeks.

…upright rows can tear your cuff apart and I would leave the overhead tricep work alone and choose something different.

both of you, thank you for your help. :smiley: