Weights during int tempo are difficult

By the end of GPP my accumulation weights were at the end. We then entered 4-5 weeks of int tempo and spec end 2. During this phase it seems too difficult to perform max strength, which would be effectively handicapped to some extent anyway due to the nature of the track work, therefore I ended up using a maintainance phase. This is one reason certain coaches don’t use int tempo, but my training partners feel it is worth it and have seen very good results following it. After this phase I will then enter a max strength phase. Most athletes obviously use max strength straight after the accumulation phase.

Any thoughts or experiences on this matter?

Anyone do intensive tempo with weight training?

I currently doing tempo work, and have no problems lifting heavy iron relatively speaking :slight_smile:

Frequency and volume is fairly low though, twice a week.

Col you are doing extensive tempo though not intensive :slight_smile:

Int tempo is ~80% of max

I don’t particularly like lifting on tempo days unless I do it before tempo and in a lighter weight/circuit style setup.

I stand corrected, but it might actually be >80% for me :slight_smile: