Weights and peeking

Just wondering what the best way when using weights to peek was?

Should my competition (the season main) be competed after a period of max strength or as period of power?

I really dont know! this season has been a washout with injury so im planning next year and im reverse planning from the main comp and need to know what weights should be done then so i can back plan the training and know when to start.

I know heavy weights will bring the cns and that can be used for competing, but surely too much isn’t good?

Very very good question :wink:

Also like to know what kind of training fit’s with which!

Max strength - Acceleration work

Power - top speed and special end

Please advise so as to plan I really dont want to spend money on buying several books to answer these questions

I know you’ve hear the saying before there are more than one way to skin a cat. For your question that statement somewhat holds true. Some coaches do not beleive in a specific “power” phase because the feeling is that sprinting and olympic lifts are plenty to convert max strength gains to power. Other coaches like to have a specific phase which would pretty much be a drop in intensity (poundage) lifting at very high speeds. See what works for you. When tapering I like to drop my intensity very slightly if at all and drop my volume. It can be looked at as maintainence as we have talked about before however when trying to peak for the main championship even less volume would suffice as long as there is still some stimulation to the Nervous systems.

So really a period of max strenght but as you get closer to the comp then either less sessions or less sets per session!

Yes … and if I understand Charlie right … a minor gradual shift to even more general movements might be good – from squat to snatch (if they both belong to your normal routine), thus avoiding overstressing the same motor units all the time. And at the very end (6-3 days before D-day) you might want to save the legs but keep some CNS-stimulus with bench-like movements.

So just to quatify things for competition (d-day) the best build up is in fact a period of Max strength but tapering off