Weighted alternate bounds.

I was wondering if these would be a good idea to incorperate into my program.
Weighted plyos get a lot of credit in vert jump literature, alternate bounds are considered spacific to sprinting, but weighted ones would slightly dercrease hip hieght and foot contact time. Still, I think the body adapts well, and if I perform one set without the vest on then it should be o.k.
I’m including all sorts of stuff in my program lately including sprints up a hill with weighted vest, sprints on the field towing a tyre, plyos, the usuall weights stuff, med ball, abs, etc etc…
I’m trying to work in as many Zones as possible in the force-velocity spectrum. All with the aim of being able to do a fast 60m sprint.

Weighted vests are awesome :slight_smile: I would start VERY slowly and carefully add the weight. Especially for sprint bounds.

Try a low number of weighted sprints/bounds but always incorporate non-weighted sprints/bounds at the end.

It is easy to do too much with these at first so try and start off slowly. :slight_smile:

Thanks Chris 30, I deffinately appreciate what u mean about building into it gradually as I have often gone “the whiole hog”, when enthusiastically starting a differant training phase often ending up injured.