Website Improvements

Hi Members,

Its come to that point where we’re thinking about overhauling from start to finish.

We’re looking for YOUR input, as a valued member of our community we want you to have the best time when you’re here.

With that, lets share some ideas. Nothing is impossible so dont be shy.


I’d like a section of stock graphs, stock video footage (moving gifs?) and stock photos that can be refered to in discussions. E.g. “Looking at the position of Ben’s body in picture 128 you can see the full triple extension and position of the hips”

Perhaps these are part of a paid for service (?) or it could have references to the products for the graphs etc (e.g. when you look at graph 3 it has a reference to a grpah on page P312 of Forum Reivew 02) so everyone knows what they are looking at.

Members could upload relevant and useful material (small file sizes) that could add to this collection of information.

Also a FAQ system that the moderators or senior members could add to would be good. Perhaps with links to threads on the forum?

I’m sure there are mods written for this kind of thing somewhere.


How about discussion/threads starting with the top coaches (and even perhaps Charlie). It seems like sometimes we don’t have many good discussions until a top coach happens upon a thread he/she feels like they want to share their opinion on. And then it’s magic!!

For instance, if David W or James Smith start a thread, I’m sure everyone’s eyes instantly perk up when they’re going through the New Posts. It just seems appropriate that they would start discussions that may be more helpful to more members. Rather than always having newbies posting things like, “I want to get faster!! Help!!”

Just my 2 cents.

There’s way too many forums. Have a speed training forum, nutrition, strength training, logs and off topic and that’s it.

Hi Kelly

When we opened it up (the forums) we had so much content running around. I’m happy to say we wont be opening any new forums anytime soon, in fact; we may downsize a bit but this will take sometime because its a tedious task to move posts etc.

Thanks for your input, its much appreciated.


We have that in the expert forums. Although its open for everyone to use, our intention was to let the more experienced members get things going in there.

Thanks alot for your comments


I’d like a section of stock graphs, stock video footage (moving gifs?) and stock photos that can be refered to in discussions. E.g. “Looking at the position of Ben’s body in picture 128 you can see the full triple extension and position of the hips”

I like TC’s idea from above.

I don’t think this would fit into a forum category, but maybe a new part of the website. How about making a section that gives an overview of the ideas of training. This could be Charlies, or it could be multiple coaches. There is much discussion into the specifics, but very little in the overview of training ideas.

This could be done by a list of the basics, graphs, etc… Again, a lot of specifics, but I think a section that had the overview of the information, on training ideas/basics, located in a section on the site would be a great idea.

This coud be called, “The Basics” or “Overview of training ideas”, or whatever you would wish to call it.

Doing something like this could help beginners get training ideas faster, and could help everyone all around.

Also to be honest with you, I think new members should either be required to buy CFTS before being alllowed to join or haveto take a test and if they fail the test have to buy CFTS in order to join. It will help out many people and save both us and them time.

This is going to turn into an anti-newbie thread :smiley:

Nothing wrong with being new or young, just be realistic. Don’t ask for fewer problems, ask for more skills.

I also think it would be great to maybe allow new members to only ask questions for their first 30 posts, no comments, just questions.
I’m guilty of the above, but I believe it will be helpful.

Also, A section for kids up to 18. A section for college guys and gays. A section for post grad age through 30 and a section for advanced (above). Only allow people to post in their section or down, not up unless allowed by you guys. Keep all sections open to see however so learning never stops.

Hi all

See the problem I was faced with? How do you let everyone participate without becoming the anti-newcomer admin?

Thats why we broke the site into various sections, and it appears to be stable and working now.

As for telling members to buy our products; we can merely suggest a copy of CFTS. Perhaps when (and if, and DONT ask me) when Charlie’s new manual comes out we’ll give CFTS away for free on sign up.

On the matter of new members; perhaps I’ll rig something up that will send them an automatic “review” of the site to give them an instant crash course when they sign up; saving us all the pain of bringing each new member up to speed…i like this idea. Maybe even a “new member” discount code that will allow each new signup to get CFTS for $10 bucks or something, I’ll discuss this with CF.

I like the video section idea, but this will require some additional planning, bandwidth can get expensive so we’ll need to ask just what and how the files will get up to the website. At the moment we’re mulling over making video clips available.


That is a good idea. Sort of like a FAQ section but sent out to them upon signup.

Then follow it up with a little quiz to ensure they read the material and if they fail. Oh well. :slight_smile:

Putting members to a test is not reasonable, funny; but would only serve to alienate the new members. We want them to have a nice time when they visit.

All I ask is that all seasoned veterens of the site go easy on them, remember; you were all new members yourselves at one time.


theres nothing wrong with being a new member shouldnt put them down. There is nothing wrong with asking questions. you should be happy to answer them and share your knowledge and not resort everything back to one thing… why not discuss because if every answer is watch this video… why have a discussion site… this is an awsome site for knowlegde and debating… i wouldnt really change anything… I like it

Talking about the FAQ system a method like the Wikipedia where you can add content to the faq so long as it is approved by moderators is a great idea. It would help a lot of people get started and stop the experienced members having to answer the same basica questions over and over.


i think sth like live-chats would be great with experts like Charlie…If they got the time…

HUHHHH!!! :eek: :eek: I don’t think I like where that section would be headed :eek:

I agree with Rupert. I think requiring new members to do this and that or buy this or what not would be a bad idea and would discourage a lot of members from joining and contributing. I feel the website would lose more than it would gain if this was the policy. Most top coaches wouldn’t have the time to buy a book and take a quiz just to join a website forum. Why should they? Also, this site is a very valuable resource for athletes and coaches of all levels, it debunks a lot of flawed training methods and is helping to spread proper training principles and I don’t think that it should become an exclusive club for only those that have the time and money to invest.