Weak abductor the cause of my groin injuries?

Lately I have been plagged with groin strains, none of them serious. Whenever I sprint over 70m I feel how I have to conciously abduce my legs while recovering them, specially the right one, which suffered 4 from 5 strains / cramps.
If you look at any videos of mine my problem becomes obvious and weird. My knees also seem to collapse. I am never able to recover my knees from the push phase in a moreso straight line, they always come very close to my support knee and only when in front the leg is abduced. Even while jogging this happens (in the pictures I am jogging).
While squatting my knees tend to collapse inwards and I believe I tried to correct a symptom whith pronation shoes.

Some pictures:

Some (crappy) vids:

Is the source of the problem a weak group of abductors? What exercises should be done?

Your adductors are probably just tight as shit or you need orthotics or you have weak abductors (or all 3 :slight_smile: )
try some stuff like this and try some orthotics even if they are cheapos

@faivala: Biomechanic isn’t releated to single muscle, or few muscles group, you have to speak about kinetic chain.
Then, manual muscle tests (strength and flexibility) assessment is a good starting point.
Orthotics are the second step.

(I agree with mortac too!)

I have extremelly poor adductor flexibility :frowning:

i had a client whos knees and hip joints seemed very tight, yet after some time his tight muscles were relaxed, his weak muscles brought up to strength yet he still could not squat due to his tight joint issues. He had no pain to speak of in the joints, but it would have been interesting to have seen an xray or mri of his joints.
something to think about?

It now comes to my mind that I can’t sit at all on the ground in the well known pose similar to this one:

Everyone who I know can sit like this.

tight anterior (hip) capsule? try some figure fours are see if that helps.

you’re probs already doing this but glute med. strength could also be a factor

I believe I have a big tightness combo here :slight_smile:

tight glutes is a possibility. May cause knees to cross fwd and overstimulate adductors = injury.

Certainly. One of the athletes I work with has recently been diagnosed with OP. We have discovered extreme tightness in his glutes and an inactivation of his adductors. Too early to tell yet how his recovery is progressing but we are also getting a few other opinions for treatment.

may cause knees to cross fwd? can you explain?

While I am skinny my upper hamstrings, quads and my glutes are extremelly well developed, specially my glutes, so I don’t believe I have any kind of glute weakness. Btw. groin mobility work is helping a lot.

Basically when the knee is coming fwd it will drive up and across the midline of the body. Can be from a tight glute or an incorrect firing pattern and use of developed muscles.

The muscle in question may be big, strong, developed etc but if it is not firing in the right sequence it will not produce the desired power output in the right direction…

So could this issue of the firing patterns be fixed with drills? Tons of them?

Yes and no… you could be a master of drills but never adapt them across to high speed running. A drill helps implant a certain chain of events you want to do but you need to address the exercise/technique as your speed increases.

eg it is easy to juggle 2 balls. add another and another and the exercise stays the same but the speed of execution increases and makes the exercise more difficult to manage.