WayneHobley's Journal

I just completed week 1 of my training. Before this I did a lot of tempo running with the cross coutry team but stopped in October and I started up on Monday.

Warm-up 1x400 Meter Hardworks (It 8x50m around the track w/3 minutes rest in between each one) 100 crunches

Warm-up 350,250,150 (5 minutes rest between each) Cool Down Lap 1000 Crunches

Warm-Up Stadiums(3 sprints. 3 double leg jumps 2 single leg jumps, 1 lunge set)

Thursday:Didn’t Run

Friday:Didn’t Run

About time you got your act together! Your much to talented to be lazy. :wink:

lol. thanx.

Well today is Monday and it was our first day practicing as a group and we did our Saints warm-up and we did 6x Flying 40’s with 3 of them timed. I did 4.31, 4.29. and 4.28. Pretty good because I didn’t expect to be there yet. Follwed by 500 sit ups.

It’s Tuesday and today was hell. We did a 600 ladder 600-400-300-150-100 with 1 lap walk recovery between each. We did the 600 at about 1:40ish pace the 400 at 57-63 pace and 300 at 36-37 150 at 16-18 pace and 100 at full speed. I felt pretty good after them but then I was crramping up afterwards just like now.

Today is Wednesday and I feel like shit. Today we did 6 uphill 40yd sprints running against atleast a 10mph wind and 2 going downhill. After we did crunches and push-ups and I started getting charlie horses.

excuse my innocence but what are charlie horses??

Real bad cramps where your muscles lock up. Its an American thing. Were weird.

Lol! I’ve known some Americans to be wierd, but I think you win there Wayne!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: Gee Thanks. Ill be waiting on my trophy and certificate of achievement.

It’s in the post :smiley:

Today is Thursday and we did a circuit workout divided into 5 stations.
Station 1: Sit-Ups 2 sets of 50
Station 2: Push-ups 2 sets of 50
Station 3: Shot Throws 2 sets of 5 overhead
Station 4: Med ball throws 2x5 side throws
Station 5: Plymetrics 2x5 of 3 different types of jumps.

Today is Monday and we wont be practicing again till Wednesday because we have mid-term exams Tues-Friday.

Ok no practice has been extended until Monday.

OK… Today is Monday and we practiced at 9 A.M.
We did:
4x150 with rolling start
4x80 with rolling starts
We did this to work on turnover and in the last 30 meters of each we switched gears and went all out.

Okay we didn’t practice any other time this week because Christmas Holidays so on today I did…
8x40 meter sprints up a hill that I have in my b-yard.
200 sit-ups and after that lifted some weights.
Im not quite sure what I lifted because I forgot.
Next practice is Monday at 9:00 a.m.

Ok today was fairly easy but Im still tired because Im so out of shape.
We did Warm-Up and stretching then 8x40 meter sprints.(God Im getting sick of those) The after the first 4 and last 4 we did 2 sets of 20 pushups and sit-ups. We practiced inside today cuz it was pouring down raining.

Just got home from practice and I am so tired. We did the warm-up and then followed with a 600 ladder. Thats a 600,400,300, and today instead of doing 200,100 we just did another 300. I did mine kind of slow today the 600 in 1:40 the 400 in 59 the 300’s in 36 and 37.

good workout especially to finish your 300’s in 36 37. What was the rest btwn reps?

We walked a lap around the track so probably around 3-4 minutes.