water during practice

alot of atheletes drink water during practice. I dont drink water whatsoever i dont take anything during practice. I dont feel dehydrated its rare for me to feel thirsty during practice, i pant and relax and go on with next set or workout. Should i drink water during practice to help recovery, or is there more to this that i am missing?

You can never get enough of water, although, exercise common sense with proper amount during exercise to avoid feeling uncomfortable perhaps due to excessive intake amounts, etc.

Actually, the common perception that you can never get enough water is false. There is such a thing as overhydration that causes dizziness and nausea and it can even make you pass out. I did a report on this for my Exercise and Sport Science class and I got the info straight from USATF.

Senri, this doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to not drink any water. Replacing what you lose through sweat and breathing is always a good idea during a workout. This can usually be done with a few small sips here and there.

definitely have more fluids -thirst is a poor indicator- but add some “sugar” in there, as water might just pass through and lead to real de-hydration, although in really hard workouts…

start drinking something though!
hope it helps!