Warner loses!

Warner just lost to Merritt (44.03)! Looked like JW gave up with about 15 to go as he couldn’t pull away from Merritt

gg merritt :smiley:

Wariner didnt give up over the last 15m, you could see he was still pushing, piano jumped on his back with about 15m to go, and he tried to drive through it, and dipped.

Merritt was right there with him with 100m to go, if not slightly ahead, Wariner came up level, and then meritt pulled away.

Additional speed work hurting Wariner? Although, 44.0x aint too shabby. Merrit is already close to PB territory…

I’ve been saying this for some time. Difficult to improve when you’re injured.

good race, some of the fastest this year. Those other guys were happier than Merrit!lol I guess they were glad that the first place went to a black and not the same ol white boy!lol just kidding dont any one get offended. It was just a joke;-) Its gonna be fun to see the 400m at the trials!

He certainly didn’t look as strong on the last 100m as usual. I have a feeling I read somewhere he has changed his strategy somewhat this year too going harder from 200-300.

I really wonder what kind of speed work he does anyway. Not disputing that what he’s done in the past has obviously been extremely successful for him.

I base this on his comments on the IAAF chat/interview he did a few days ago with a fan asking him about what kind of pure speed training he does. He responded that for their speed training they do “lots of 150s and 250s”?!?! Could be simply his interpretation of what speed training is and they do have shorter/faster work in the program or that’s really as fast/as short as they go in training?

Should be a good race at the OG. I think JW will be better suited by 3 rounds than Merritt.

I think wariner was shocked that merrit was still with him the last 100, didnt know what to do like asafa in the world champs

What about the coaching change? Still such a good idea? Was MJ behind it so he could get a bigger piece of the action?
Kind of a win win for MJ cause he can get more money that would otherwise go to the coach who created Wariner- AND HIM- and if it doesn’t work out, he keeps his 400WR as well.

yeah he was pretty tense and tight over the last 50m with merrit on his shoulders…Usually he is very relaxed and his stride just keeps opening up…

He will have to get used to running the last 60 with someone there now, becuase in the Ol’s they will both be running 43 mids im sure…

what a great race it will be…

Never comforting when you change coaches, are racing a guy that has a lot more speed than you, and he blows you up in the last 100m.

Charlie the Conspiracy theorist. That does sound like something MJ would pull. Well if MJ is successful in killing wariners chances what will he do to stop merrit from breaking it. MJ might start hitting kneecaps soon! Wariner, leaving the man that got you to were you are for the man that was with the man that got you were you are. lol

Merritt isn’t going to pay MJ for anything. I’m sorry but I find it extremely hard to have any good thoughts about MJ and I don’t know anyone who witnessed his act here in Toronto who doesn’t share my opinion.

Are you referring to the race with Bailey or some other incident?

I want to know also?!?!

The Bailey race in Toronto showed him for what he is.
He held up a press conference for over 2 hours, refusing to show up till the money cleared into his bank, and was surly when he did show- despite getting 1 million up front. He knew he was injured before he ever came here and crapped out in the race (no wonder he insisted on the money up front!).
Then he bitched that the IAAF didn’t cancel other events, like the shot, etc that were “uninteresting”, and weren’t sponsoring “exciting duals” when he single-handedly killed the market for them forever!
I’ve run across NFL players who had the displeasure to share a weight room with him at Baylor, spurned autograph seekers, and insulted opponents. Just a general all-round prick.

Sadly I must concur with Charlie on this matter. :frowning:

Interesting, here in the States they showed Bailey to be the one who was throwing a wrench in the program. I remember that Bailey was upset about the track configuration being too tight around the bend, Johnson’s response was to offer him the outer lane and give him a 1m head start, whoops! I didn’t know that he came in with an injury but had read that Bailey’s chiropractor and Pfaff both predicted the quad injury after watching him warmup. Perhaps the injury occurred at the Pre Classic 200m a week or so prior? I must admit that I thought that Johnson was gonna win but I’ll never forget how quickly Bailey made up the stagger and put some daylight between them especially considering that Bailey wasn’t known for his fast starts!

My take on it is that Johnson, the athlete, is the greatest long sprinter of all-time but bit off a little more than he could chew by challenging the WR holder in the 100m.

MJ is a megalomaniac who just happened to have freakish genes to run fast. Not much there after you strip away the fast genes.